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Fatphobia in the Never Changing Comic Book Landscape

EDIT: an incorrect fact has been removed from this article. Superhero comic books retain the ability to deeply wound their audiences. What do they propagate a desire for? Thinner women. “Superheroine” is still, despite occasional pushback from Marvel’s (Adrian Alphona’s) Gert Yorkes and Valiant’s Faith, synonymous with “titty, yet thin.” They define a “correct” template, and…

Harley Quinn in Joker Writers Brian Azzarello Artists Lee Bermejo

Diamonds in the Rough: Our Problematic Faves, Who Coincidentally, Are Women

WOMEN. We hate’em. Well, a lot of people hate’em. Us. Hate us. Okay, we don’t hate women. We are women. We love women! We love woman characters … whom other people hate. And we’ll defend them. Okay? Just listen.

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Old Friends: Who’s Your Favourite Comic Book Character?

What do we love? Comics! Why do we love them? For various reasons! But among those reasons, of course, lies this one: a lot of comics let us form emotional bonds with made-up people. Characters! We all have favourite characters, right? Here are some of ours.

Monthly Marvel Muster: From Generations to Legacy

Welcome back to Monthly Marvel Muster, my roundup of everything I thought was interesting in Marvel Comics last month! September featured the last dying gasps of Secret Empire, the second round of Generations one-shots, and the much-hyped Marvel Legacy one-shot introducing Marvel’s latest line-wide rebranding.

Previously On Comics: Comics You Might Have Missed

Hello again! Kate here for this week’s Previously On Comics. It’s been A Week, to say the least, and as I’m getting on a plane in 36 hours, I’m going to keep this short and sweet and mostly focused on suggestions of things to read that you might have missed. Before we start, I have…

Harbinger Faith 0, Valiant Entertainment 2014

Fat Positivity in Comics: What I Need From Faith

There’s a temptation, when a marginalized group is getting representation for the first time, to say nothing but good things. Those who are critical are accused of not being supportive or overly critical (as we recently saw with Albert Ching’s piece on why he doesn’t want an Asian-American Danny Rand.) But when it comes to…