• Previously on Comics: Rosa for America Chavez

    Previously on Comics: Rosa for America Chavez0

    Oh, hello there! As you saw last week, WWAC was hanging out at TCAF and catching up on comics. So, let’s see what there is to know now (plus my bid for who should play America Chavez in a screen adaptation).

  • Review: America #1 Hits Hard

    Review: America #1 Hits Hard1

    America #1 Gabby Rivera (writer), Joe Quinones (penciler), Joe Rivera & Paolo Rivera (inkers), José Villarrubia (colorist), Travis Lanham (letterer & production) Marvel March 1, 2017 America Chavez is, in the grand scheme of comics lore, a new kid on the block. Created in 2011 by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta for Vengeance, she really