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Section of Fanlee and Spatzle cover for featured image.

REVIEW: Fanlee and Spätzle Make Something Perfect is an Imperfect Delight

Fanlee and Spätzle Make Something Perfect is anything but what its title claims. The collection of webcomics from cartoonist Pseudonym Jones published by Silver Sprocket, is messy, inconsistent, and wildly leaps from comedic to tragic sometimes within the same strip. Thankfully, this is precisely what makes the collected five years of comics special, raw, and…

Cover art for Sweeney Toddler: Leo Baxendale (art/lineart/lettering) C Treasury of British Comics/Rebellion April, 2019

Sweeney Toddler is Good, Gloopy Fun

Sweeney Toddler Leo Baxendale (art/lineart/lettering) Treasury of British Comics/Rebellion April 2019 Sweeny Toddler is a wonderfully ridiculous little comic strip. Beloved by Brits, who first saw him in the pages of Shiver ‘N’ Shake Magazine, the semi-vicious toddler and his exasperated parents eventually moved to Whoopee! Magazine, then survived mergers with Whizzer and Chips and…

two strips of Brenda Starr: Reporter, by Dale Messick

An Intimate Glimpse at Brenda Starr at the Society of Illustrators in NYC

“Brenda Starr: Reporter: The Art of Dale Messick” Curators: Laura Rohrman, R. Robert Pollak, Richard Berenson, and Anelle Miller January 3-March 23, 2019 Society of Illustrators, New York In 1940, Dale Messick’s newspaper comic strip Brenda Starr: Reporter debuted, telling the adventures of an intrepid and glamorous investigative journalist. It would run for several decades,…

Small Favors, Colleen Coover

Girls Touch Girls: Small Favors: The Definitive Girly Porno Collection

Small Favors: The Definitive Girly Porno Collection Colleen Coover Oni/Limerence Press April 2017 Colleen Coover’s Small Favors was a growing experience for me. When I was younger, my only sources for wlw stories were the erotica section of my local bookstore (cue a traumatizing first encounter with bondage thanks to Anne Rice’s Claiming of Sleeping…