• Webtoon’s Susan Cheng on the Heartwarming Kind of Love Anthology

    Webtoon’s Susan Cheng on the Heartwarming Kind of Love Anthology0

    At the beginning of the month, Webtoon introduced the Kind of Love Anthology, which features a series of original stories around the theme of love. New stories will debut every Wednesday over a six-week period, featuring three to five episodes in typical Webtoon fashion. The first story is called The Breakup, illustrated by Rhett Bloom and

  • The Nib: An Outstanding Series

    The Nib: An Outstanding Series0

    At the Ignatz Awards this year, The Nib’s print magazine won the prestigious award for Outstanding Series, and both the Death issue (published September 2018) and the Family issue (published January 2019) were individually nominated in the category Outstanding Anthology. They were both strong contenders for the prize, as they offered a wide range of

  • Sweeney Toddler is Good, Gloopy Fun

    Sweeney Toddler is Good, Gloopy Fun0

    Sweeney Toddler Leo Baxendale (art/lineart/lettering) Treasury of British Comics/Rebellion April 2019 Sweeny Toddler is a wonderfully ridiculous little comic strip. Beloved by Brits, who first saw him in the pages of Shiver ‘N’ Shake Magazine, the semi-vicious toddler and his exasperated parents eventually moved to Whoopee! Magazine, then survived mergers with Whizzer and Chips and


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