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    Nola Pfau

    Nola is a bad influence. She can be found on twitter at @nolapfau, where she's usually making bad (really, absolutely terrible) jokes and occasionally sharing adorable pictures of her dog.

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  • Previously On Comics: Unending

    Previously On Comics: Unending0

    Good morning. I guess it’s almost July now? Okay, sure. What started with Cameron Stewart and Warren Ellis has tumbled from a snowball into a full avalanche, with allegation after allegation of grooming, abuse, assault, and more. For a good roundup of that particular issue (and for a given value of “good”), I recommend this

  • Clyde Fans Is Old and Tired and Racist

    Clyde Fans Is Old and Tired and Racist0

    Whilst researching the history of Clyde Fans and its author, I found that the Guardian ran two separate reviews of the book a week apart this past spring. Both were glowing pieces hailing the book’s somber melancholy, one going so far as to praise its author, the mononymous Seth, as a genius. Other outlets have