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    Nola Pfau

    Nola is a bad influence. She can be found on twitter at @nolapfau, where she's usually making bad (really, absolutely terrible) jokes and occasionally sharing adorable pictures of her dog.

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  • Previously On Comics: ¿Quien Cuida?

    Previously On Comics: ¿Quien Cuida?1

    Marvel really had A Week, didn’t they? First there was the New Warriors announcement, in which the new creative team brought with it a whole new roster, featuring some truly unfortunate character designs, such as siblings Safespace and Snowflake, the latter of whom is a nonbinary person of color on top of that name, as well as what

  • X-Force #9: Head Like a Hole

    X-Force #9: Head Like a Hole2

    My take away from this issue of X-Force is that Domino needs Colossus like she needs a hole in the head.