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    Nola Pfau

    Nola is a bad influence. She can be found on twitter at @nolapfau, where she's usually making bad (really, absolutely terrible) jokes and occasionally sharing adorable pictures of her dog.

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  • Con Diary: Rose City Comic Con 2018

    Con Diary: Rose City Comic Con 20180

    I’d never been to Rose City before this year, despite only living three hours away. It’d been on my list for years, but given it always falls in September, it was difficult since it clashes with back-to-school time. However, with my youngest turning eighteen, this year was the perfect year to start, so off I

  • Is 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special More Than a Gimmick?

    Is 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special More Than a Gimmick?0

    You know, I’ve never really read Judge Dredd. I mean, I know of him, I’ve seen both film adaptations, but the one time I even attempted to read the comics, I started with the first of those complete volumes from a few years ago and found it very hard to even get started on. I

  • Hottest Hair In Comics

    Hottest Hair In Comics2

    As you know, here at WWAC, we’re committed to bringing you the hardest hitting critical analysis that can be found in comics. We cover the topics others are too afraid to cover! Explore the corners of comics as an industry that others are afraid to look in to! Spend several hours compiling a list of

  • X-Academics: What Ever Happened to Doug Ramsey, aka Cypher?

    X-Academics: What Ever Happened to Doug Ramsey, aka Cypher?6

    “So, let’s talk about Cypher,” said Nola. “Who the hell is that? Oh wait. Never mind! I know … I think?” Wendy replied, scratching her head. “I only really know of him because of the Phalanx Covenant business where he worked with/became Douglock or … Something … ?” And that, folks, is how our very