• Con Diary: Geek Girl Con ’19

    Con Diary: Geek Girl Con ’190

    Last year I declared Geek Girl Con my ideal convention experience. It came at the right time, a hard time, and it was a huge, necessary step in deciding how I want to live my life. I’m pleased to report that this year that holds true despite some absolutely incredible convention experiences.

  • A Book Fair for Grownups from Penguin Random House

    A Book Fair for Grownups from Penguin Random House0

    In Midtown Manhattan last month, the publisher Penguin Random House hosted a Book Fair for Grownups. Themed loosely on the elementary school book fairs many of us may remember from our childhood, the event was a little bit like returning to childhood, but also had a club atmosphere with a line of people outside waiting

  • Con Diary: Thought Bubble 2019

    Con Diary: Thought Bubble 20190

    This year was to be only my second time attending Thought Bubble, the first two years ago and, having missed 2018 as it was the weekend after my wedding. As much as I was tempted to bring my wedding dress and get a second wear of that puppy at the mid-con party, I opted for

  • LibraryCon Summons “All Book Nerds, Librarians, and Fans of Graphic Novels, SF, and Fantasy”

    LibraryCon Summons “All Book Nerds, Librarians, and Fans of Graphic Novels, SF, and Fantasy”0

    Returning for its third year, LibraryCon opened its virtual doors for one day on November 6, welcoming book nerds, librarians, educators, and fans of comics and speculative fiction. Offering live webcast talks and ample networking opportunities, LibraryCon is a “celebration of fandom-beloved stories and characters, featuring the creators behind mind-bending speculative fiction, innovative comics, and

  • Con Diary: EXPCon 2019

    Con Diary: EXPCon 20190

    EXPCon is a smaller convention located in Florida that has an interesting history. It was started in 2008, and ran for 4 years until 2011 before the convention went on hiatus. The convention made a comeback in 2017 by bringing all four voice actors for the game Final Fantasy XV all together for the first

  • Con Diary: Rose City Comic Con 2019

    Con Diary: Rose City Comic Con 20190

    After enjoying myself last year, I’d been looking forward to this year’s Rose City Comic Con. It’s a show I enjoy in a town that’s fun to visit, and while I went last year with no plan, just wanting to experience things, this time I was more prepared. Sort of.