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A bulletin board with black and white illustrations of pictures of women

INTERVIEW: It’s Not What You Thought It Would Be With Lizzy Stewart

London-based illustrator Lizzy Stewart is best known for her children’s books, but with It’s Not What You Thought It Would Be, we see what coming of age means through the eyes of several young women. Exploring their winding paths to adulthood through previously self-published short stories, Stewart’s new graphic novel from Fantagraphics will be available…

Alexandra Trese in Episode 1 of 'Trese.'

REVIEW: Netflix’s Trese Could Improve Its Delivery of Darkness and Dwende

This review contains spoilers for Trese (2021). “There are monsters among us, and some of them are human,” remarks Alexandra Trese, after cracking yet another case in the Philippine metropolitan of Manila, where the supernatural stalk its streets. Following in the footsteps of her father and coming from a significant lineage, Alexandra works as a…