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Cover of Tuki: Fight for Fire

INTERVIEW: Jeff Smith & Vijaya Iyer on Kickstarting Tuki, Loving the Industry, and Having Fun

Cartoon Books Inc’s third graphic novel series, Tuki, went live on Kickstarter last week. It has already soared past its initial goal before writer and artist Jeff Smith and publisher Vijaya Iyer even knew what was happening. Iyer and Smith practically glow with excitement on the screen as we chat about the fun they are…

Panels from The Antifa Super-Soldier Cookbook, Silver Sprocket, April 13 2021

REVIEW: The Antifa Super-Soldier Cookbook Serves Up Distressingly On-Point, But Hilarious, Political Satire

“What if everything the right thought about the left was real?” That’s the driving premise behind The Antifa Super-Soldier Cookbook, the latest from The Nib’s own Matt Lubchansky. To be honest, the premise puzzled me a little at first. On the one hand, I’m automatically a bit wary of anything that might end up being…