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Cover for Carmina #1. A young woman with long, dark hair, stands and looks intently towards the viewer. She has raised one of her arms, which evokes a green glow. Behind her hovers the ghostly image of woman with her hands raised along her sides. Both figures float above a wide shot of a couple of homes with a pickup truck parked near by.

Diwata Komiks Hopes to Bring Forward More Filipino Stories That Resonate From Home

Interest in ongoing komiks series like Trese has shown a growing enthusiasm for wider, global accessibility to consume Philippine-produced media. In recent years, especially accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic’s limitations of conventions and art shows, platforms like Penlab have given komiks creators more opportunities to expand their reach online while broadening the channels potential readers…

REVIEW: Closing the Gaps in Queer Storytelling in Stone Fruit by Lee Lai

Lee Lai’s debut graphic novel Stone Fruit follows an overworked thirty-something named Ray as she ends her relationship with her girlfriend Bron and rekindles her friendship with her sister Amanda. Ray and Bron were at their most loving and creative while babysitting Amanda’s energetic six-year-old daughter Nessie, but they’ve drifted apart as their differences become…

A set of three panels from Dishes of Destiny. The main character, a creature with floppy bell-like ears, is covered in gooey lumps and sits in front of a barrel. They say something (there's no lettering), then wave one of the lumps at the camera. Dishes of Destiny; Maddi Gonzales, Spencer Amundson, Chan Chau, Danya Adair; 2022. The column title lettering is laid over the artwork, and reads “A FISTFUL OF COMICS” in big yellow text. Below, in red, reads “CROWDFUNDING ROUNDUP, NOVEMBER ’21.”

A Fistful of Comics: Crowdfunding Roundup, November ‘21

Welcome back WWAC’s very own crowdfunding corner! We took a break last month due to general work-life balance related exhaustion, but I’m back and ready to share my favorite of this month’s campaigns. If you like heartwarming memoirs and up-and-coming cartoonists and not graphic novel adaptations of movie adaptations backed by Hollywood producers (why do…