• One Order of Murder Mystery, Hold the Regressive Politics, Please

    One Order of Murder Mystery, Hold the Regressive Politics, Please0

    After seeing Knives Out, I, for one, felt a new resurgence of my love for murder mysteries. There are many great murder mysteries of course, but one of the reasons Knives Out felt so rejuvenating is that it sidestepped a lot of the conservative political assumptions of the genre. Excitingly, however, there is a rich

  • Remembering Charlee Jacob: Haunter or Soma

    Remembering Charlee Jacob: Haunter or Soma0

    Charlee Jacob invoked atrocities from across human history in the same way that a Romantic poet might invoke the Arabian Nights. Sometimes she delved into the past and found inspiration in such familiar horror reference points as Jack the Ripper, Elizabeth Bathory and the witch-hunts; other times she ripped tales of murders and warfare from

  • Machina Delivers Suspense and Robots

    Machina Delivers Suspense and Robots0

    Machina takes place in a near(ish) future, in which it has become increasingly clear that humans cannot stay on Earth longterm with any expectation of survival. That’s why rival tech companies are competing for a choice Government contract to send their AIs to Mars: to begin terraforming for humans to eventually migrate. Two rival companies