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  • Previously On Comics: Lockdown Limbo

    Previously On Comics: Lockdown Limbo0

    It’s strange to think that life has been allowed to continue while we are, for the most part, trapped within our various states of lockdown limbo. That things completely unrelated to COVID-19 are still occurring every single day. Heartbreaking, incredible, hilarious, terrible, mundane things, just happening! Every, Single. Day. Some of these things have transpired

  • Previously On Comics: Keep on Tickin’

    Previously On Comics: Keep on Tickin’0

    How are you doing? Are you looking after yourself? Baking some bread? Considering a DIY cut and dye job, perhaps? Good. Stuff’s hard and you deserve a distraction. Like this weeks news! You’re welcome. While you would like to think that even in times like these the comics machine would keep on keeping on it

  • Previously On Comics: For Your Health

    Previously On Comics: For Your Health0

    Welcome to Previously On Comics, I’m obviously Kell Richards. It’s been a fairly quiet week in the news mines but we have managed to unearth some gold in between all the hand washing. Following last week’s update regarding Emerald City Comic Con a further announcement has been made, this time to notify guests, artists, fans

  • Previously On Comics: Survive

    Previously On Comics: Survive0

    Welcome back to Previously! If you are reading this, you have survived January, the cursed year within a year, and now you must keep surviving. To aid you, here is some comic book news. This week saw Cartoonist Jerry Craft win the Newberry Medal for his book New Kid. This is the first time a