• Titan Comics Pubwatch: May 2020

    Titan Comics Pubwatch: May 20200

    For most of us, life is still life on lockdown, with more questions and anxieties than certainties and answers as the hours and days pass.  But thank goodness for comics that can provide us with moments of escape and distraction from a 24 hour news cycle that rivals even the most dystopian of dystopias.  I

  • Constantly Crafts a Powerful Message through Simplicity

    Constantly Crafts a Powerful Message through Simplicity0

    In the under fifty pages that make up the graphic novel Constantly, the author (who goes by the pseudonym gg) creates a loop all too familiar for those who experience depression. gg’s construction of this loop is impressive when considering the simplicity of this short yet impactful comic. She uses no dialogue and small amounts

  • Vault Pubwatch: May 2020

    Vault Pubwatch: May 20200

    We’re closing in on a return to comics distribution, so, while there hasn’t been much new stuff to read of late, there are still lots of cool things on the horizon to look forward to, as well as a few bonus items to pick up along the way. Last month, Vault introduced the VaultColorUp Coloring

  • What’s Real and What Isn’t in Cursed Films0

    Horror has long been a worthy genre, but it’s lately been getting it’s analytical due.  Streaming site Shudder has created excellent original documentaries, History of Horror and Horror Noire.  The streak continues with five bite-sized episodes of Cursed Films. The series reexamines some of our more infamous pop culture memories about horror movies. With its

  • New Colors for Bug Boys and Witchlight Enrich their Stories

    New Colors for Bug Boys and Witchlight Enrich their Stories0

    I’m a big fan of Czap Books, especially two of their earlier publications – Laura Knetzger’s sweet, slice-of-life series Bug Boys, and Jessi Zabarsky’s emotional, warm fantasy Witchlight. I’ve written about both comics before, but since those initial pieces both books were picked up by Random House Graphic and released to a wider audience. I

  • The CW’s Stargirl Has A Slow Start But Shines Bright

    The CW’s Stargirl Has A Slow Start But Shines Bright0

    Centered on a high school gymnast with potentially star-powered lineage, Stargirl is the latest DC Comics show to hit The CW. Younger and more cinematic than its Arrowverse counterparts — and happening on a parallel Earth to boot — Stargirl feels more in line with the Shazam film than Batwoman or The Flash. While the pilot episode