• IDW Pubwatch April 2020

    IDW Pubwatch April 20200

    Welcome to the April IDW Pubwatch. I know the world is burning around us but here’s something to distract you: a few exciting comics that will take your mind away, at least for a little while. There isn’t much news coming out of IDW—for obvious reasons—but I do have some comic book reviews as well

  • AfterShock Pubwatch April 2020

    AfterShock Pubwatch April 20200

    Welcome to the AfterShock Comics Pubwatch! In this time of social distancing, now is a great time to pick up a new AfterShock series, or catch up on an old favorite through a collected trade paperback or hardcover. There is a lot of uncertainty in these times, and thus the AfterShock Pubwatches for March and

  • DC Pubwatch – March 2020 and Not the Emerald City Comic Con Edition

    DC Pubwatch – March 2020 and Not the Emerald City Comic Con Edition0

    Welcome to the March 2020 DC Pubwatch. What a month, hey? March was a lot. The biggest news is only tangentially comics-related, but is affecting the industry enough that we have to talk about it. Of course, that is COVID-19 and the havoc it’s wreaking on the world. Shelter-in-place orders are hitting cities all over

  • BOOM Pubwatch: March 2020

    BOOM Pubwatch: March 20200

    At the start of this month, I was on vacation. Sitting poolside with a stack of reading material. I definitely wasn’t expecting that a week later I would be preparing to work from home and self-isolate. I was forced to stay at home for a few months last winter, and the memory of that still

  • Vault Comics Pubwatch: The Inaugural #VaultVanguardCon Begins

    Vault Comics Pubwatch: The Inaugural #VaultVanguardCon Begins0

    COVID-19 lockdown protocols are hitting all of us hard. Vault Comics was one of the publishers that announced cancellations well ahead of Emerald City Comic Con’s ultimate cancellation due to COVID-19, but they teased plans for a virtual “Vault Vanguard” offering. Now we know what that teasing is all about with the launch of Vault

  • Titan Comics PUBWATCH: March 2020

    Titan Comics PUBWATCH: March 20200

    Will Titan Comics bring in March like a lion and out like a lamb? Let’s find out.