• Presenting Dark Horse: October 2018

    Presenting Dark Horse: October 20180

    Hello lovely readers! Welcome to the October installment of Presenting Dark Horse. We’re back with a snazzy new logo (courtesy of our fabulous DC Pubwatcher Cori), some cool new comic reads, and the hottest publisher news that Dark Horse Comics has to warm up these suddenly frigid November nights. This Dark Horse Pubwatch has all

  • Lion Forge PUBWATCH: November 2018

    Lion Forge PUBWATCH: November 20180

    I know what you’re wondering. “Hm… what has Lion Forge been up to this month?” Well, reader, you’re in the right place, because this is the Lion Forge Pubwatch! First up: get ready to want to read some comics, because here are the reviews!

  • Valiant Efforts: Your All-Valiant Monthly Catch-Up

    Valiant Efforts: Your All-Valiant Monthly Catch-Up0

    Valiant! PUBWATCH! Put’em together and what do you get? You get the Valiant PUBWATCH, which is where you are now. Exactly where you need to be, my darling. We’ll get onto short reviews of everything Valiant put on the shelves in October, to catch you up should you have missed anything, but as always we

  • What Is a Pubwatch, Even?

    What Is a Pubwatch, Even?0

    Long ago, in the mysterious and misty past of 2017, WWAC began offering regular, coherent roundups of industry news and mini-reviews of recent publications from a variety of publishers and called them Pubwatches. Since then, our list of Pubwatches has grown drastically. In my exalted capacity as Pubwatch Editor (please note: capacity not actually exalted),

  • DC PUBWATCH – October Edition

    DC PUBWATCH – October Edition0

    The biggest news this month came out of New York Comic Con, where Brian Michael Bendis announced his new imprint “Wonder Comics.” The imprint is focused on the teenage heroes of the DC Universe, and headlining that announcement was the returns of Bart Allen, Tim Drake, Cassie Sandsmark, and Conner Kent as an updated Young

  • Monthly Marvel Muster: Deaths and Resurrections

    Monthly Marvel Muster: Deaths and Resurrections0

    Welcome to the Summer-into-Fall edition of the Monthly Marvel Muster. Back when this was merely the August Monthly Muster, it was coming to you from a lovely cottage by a lake, but alas, the weather intervened, so now it’s a month later and I’m ensconced in a cozy coffee shop instead. Less beautiful scenery, much