• Lion Forge PUBWATCH: December 2018

    Lion Forge PUBWATCH: December 20180

    Merry Christmas, comics fans! I hope the gift that you were hoping to see under your Christmas tree was…reviews of Lion Forge comics! Because my December Pubwatch happens to fall on Christmas! In fact, if you felt like you hadn’t heard any Lion Forge news from us in a while, you’re right! We moved the

  • PUBWATCH: Dynamite Fall/Winter Roundup

    PUBWATCH: Dynamite Fall/Winter Roundup0

    In her last giant-sized Pubwatch romp, our darling Rosie Knight rounded up the details of Dynamite’s adventures during the spring. With Rosie’s busy schedule, doing stuff like chatting with Captain Marvel, she’s passed on the Dynamite Pubwatch torch, so here I am!

  • Across the Ocean: Izneo Pubwatch December

    Across the Ocean: Izneo Pubwatch December0

    Welcome to the first ever Izneo Pubwatch! Izneo is a digital comic book reading service and features books by European comics publishers, often translated into English, as well as graphic novels from the United States. The website is available in Dutch, English, and French. If you haven’t visited Izeno’s website yet, you’re in for a