• Tips for Reading Comics Aloud

    Tips for Reading Comics Aloud0

    My home is filled with comics, graphic novels, and books about comics and graphic novels. My kid has thus been surrounded by comics her whole life, though it was only last year, when she was three, that I started reading them aloud to her. Though comics are often referred to as “kids’ stuff,” they can

  • Praise Carol and Pass the Apocrypha!

    Praise Carol and Pass the Apocrypha!0

    The Gospel of Carol: Radical Teen Study Edition John S. Troutman Troutcave Comics The Gospel of Carol traces the life of Carol, the daughter of God, her brothers Thomas and Jesus, and her sister Miriam. She, not Jesus, is the Messiah, but people aren’t as willing to receive the Word of God from a woman

  • My Boyfriend Is a Bear: The Consequences of Fat-Shaming in Comics

    My Boyfriend Is a Bear: The Consequences of Fat-Shaming in Comics0

    We tend to avoid mirrors after we see that the number on the scale has ticked upward. Even if your body hasn’t visibly changed in shape, numbers seem like an immutable fact. There is a certain pressure surrounding the scale, which breeds an obsession with everyone else’s numbers. Then come the diets, the reluctant exercise,


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