Author: Elvie Mae Parian

Cover for Carmina #1. A young woman with long, dark hair, stands and looks intently towards the viewer. She has raised one of her arms, which evokes a green glow. Behind her hovers the ghostly image of woman with her hands raised along her sides. Both figures float above a wide shot of a couple of homes with a pickup truck parked near by.

Diwata Komiks Hopes to Bring Forward More Filipino Stories That Resonate From Home

Interest in ongoing komiks series like Trese has shown a growing enthusiasm for wider, global accessibility to consume Philippine-produced media. In recent years, especially accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic’s limitations of conventions and art shows, platforms like Penlab have given komiks creators more opportunities to expand their reach online while broadening the channels potential readers…

A wide panel frames the extreme close-up of a young Black woman wearing glasses in profile against a light blue, lightly textured background. She says, "Okay..." Below, a wide shot including the young woman and white man stand on a slanted surface again an abstracted, background-less space. The woman then says, "...Where do we start?"

REVIEW: The Grotesque of Modern Frankenstein Has Been Done Before—And Better

As his student, Elizabeth is fascinated by the ways of Dr. James Frankenstein, a figure surrounded by controversy due to the conducting of unethical experiments he believes would serve the betterment of humanity. Swayed by what she believes are good intentions and her growing attraction to him, Elizabeth willingly becomes his protégé. She digs herself…

Alexandra Trese in Episode 1 of 'Trese.'

REVIEW: Netflix’s Trese Could Improve Its Delivery of Darkness and Dwende

This review contains spoilers for Trese (2021). “There are monsters among us, and some of them are human,” remarks Alexandra Trese, after cracking yet another case in the Philippine metropolitan of Manila, where the supernatural stalk its streets. Following in the footsteps of her father and coming from a significant lineage, Alexandra works as a…

A24’s Entrance Into Animation Should Be Exciting, But Instead, It’s Exhausting

Content warning: mentions of sexual abuse and rape.  While much of the entertainment industry seems to be at a pause, animators everywhere continue to work behind their screens and working stations without interruption. Live-action productions — endeavors that require physical contact and varying degrees of intimacy — are mostly at a standstill due to an…