Author: Elvie Mae Parian

Two women look melancholingly in a car. The woman driving wears glasses.

Are You Listening? Is a Road Trip Through Wistful, Empty Roads

Are You Listening? Tillie Walden (artist & writer) August 7, 2019 First Second Content warning: This work contains references to sexual assault. “The guidebooks play deception; oceans are A property of mind. All maps are fiction, All travelers come to separate frontiers.” -Adrienne Rich, Itinerary When two young women face a chance encounter on the…

A small child is curled up, sleeping and huddled, sleeping in a field of sunflowers against a daylit sky.

Cheshire Crossing Is Rightfully the Messy Fanfic It Knows It Is

Cheshire Crossing Andy Weir (writer), Sarah Andersen (illustrator), Alison George (colors) July 9, 2019 Ten Speed Press Time and time again, writers explore the what-if’s and rhetorical epilogues of iconic, fantastical worlds in classic literature. How did Alice’s experiences in Wonderland affect her? How does Dorothy Gale fare back in Kansas after leaving the wonderful…

A stylized character with purple-skin tone, donning a blue hairstyle holds a giant pen over their right shoulder. They lean over the block of text: 'Bluestockings Comics Festival'.

Bluestockings’ Inaugural Queer + Trans Comics Fest 2019

Conventions and art shows tend to grow with success, but that growth can come at the cost of exponentially increasing competition in ways many of its exhibitors cannot keep up with. The number of attendees increase year by year, inevitably encouraging greater involvement with corporate interests. Cost-effectiveness becomes a question, as the commercialization and franchising…

Cooking and Camaraderie: How Delicious in Dungeon Encourages Accessible Fantasy

Delightful and delectable as the food concocted in the series itself, Delicious in Dungeon is the introduction to fantasy we need in this current world of bleak media. As the series’ fifth volume receives its English release this May, the growing collection of titles featuring accessible, fantastical worlds to welcome new readers and participants alike…