Author: Kate Kosturski

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Comic-Con@Home: The Importance of Representation in Comics Journalism

Comics Journalism 2021: Representation Matters: How do we promote greater representation in comics journalism? Whether making sure that writers from marginalized groups are heard, engaging with work from diverse viewpoints, or confronting institutionalized biases, comics journalists and editors have more responsibility than ever to make sure that their sites and staffs reflect the diversity of…

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Comic-Con@Home: Investigate the Newest Titles from Hard Case Crime

Max Allan Collins–Three Hard Cases: Ms Tree, Mike Hammer & Nolan! In this special discussion, Forbidden Planet TV’s Andrew Sumner sits down with SDCC Inkpot Award-winning comics writer/novelist/movie director Max Allan Collins (Quarry’s War, Road To Perdition) to discuss his various ongoing crime comics & crime novels for Titan: Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer, career criminal…

Comic-Con@Home: Peek Inside the TARDIS with Doctor Who: Missy

Doctor Who Comics Panel: Titan Comics’ Doctor Who books are back and better than ever in 2021, with brand-new stories and characters from across the Whoniverse! Forbidden Planet TV’s Andrew Sumner goes behind the scenes of the critically-acclaimed series with Eisner Award-nominated writer Jody Houser, artist Roberta Ingranata, colorist Enrica Eren Angiolini, and editor Jake…