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    Doris V. Sutherland

    Horror historian, animation addict and tubular transdudette. Catch me on Twitter @dorvsutherland, or view my site at dorisvsutherland.com. If you like my writing enough to fling money my way, then please visit patreon.com/dorvsutherland or ko-fi.com/dorvsutherland.

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  • Remembering Charlee Jacob: Haunter or Soma

    Remembering Charlee Jacob: Haunter or Soma0

    Charlee Jacob invoked atrocities from across human history in the same way that a Romantic poet might invoke the Arabian Nights. Sometimes she delved into the past and found inspiration in such familiar horror reference points as Jack the Ripper, Elizabeth Bathory and the witch-hunts; other times she ripped tales of murders and warfare from

  • Birds of Prey is a Sparkly Sledgehammer to the Senses

    Birds of Prey is a Sparkly Sledgehammer to the Senses2

    2019 was the year of the evil clown, with terrifying new interpretations of the Joker, Pennywise, and Mr. Mime leering from our cinema screens. 2020, meanwhile, looks set to be the year of the super-heroine, as Black Widow and Wonder Woman gear up for their latest celluloid runarounds. What better character to carry the transition