• Last Week’s Episode: Lot of News1

    We are still in a global pandemic and watershed moment in dealing with racism in both explicit and implicit forms, but entertainment news is still moving! So here are the updates from this week.

  • Previously on Comics: Mostly Sort of Not All Bad News

    Previously on Comics: Mostly Sort of Not All Bad News0

    I’d love to pretend that comics is a sunshiney place where everyone is welcome, but we’re not there yet, folks. There is still lots of work to do. But fear not! I’m not all bad news about crappy people for today’s news report. Read on to find out what’s been going on this past week.

  • Last Week’s Episode: July, July!0

    June has ended, but what’s changed? It’s brutally hot outside (at least in my hemisphere) but I don’t feel great about safely retreating to movie theatres. Even Fox News has finally masks are finally good to wear during a pandemic. Activists are still in the streets protesting (and being brutalized) for racial justice and an

  • Previously On Comics: Unending

    Previously On Comics: Unending0

    Good morning. I guess it’s almost July now? Okay, sure. What started with Cameron Stewart and Warren Ellis has tumbled from a snowball into a full avalanche, with allegation after allegation of grooming, abuse, assault, and more. For a good roundup of that particular issue (and for a given value of “good”), I recommend this

  • DC PUBWATCH June 2020 Edition

    DC PUBWATCH June 2020 Edition0

    Hi, friends! June just kinda flew by, didn’t it? But also it seemed to last forever too, right? In the June 2020 DC Pubwatch, we are almost back to a sense of normalcy in a small way with the number of books releasing being similar to pre-quarantine days. The biggest piece of DC news this

  • Previously on Comics: What a Week it Has Been

    Previously on Comics: What a Week it Has Been1

    Kate here, for another Previously on Comics column. What a week, huh?