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    Louis Skye

    A writer at heart with a fondness for well-told stories, Louis Skye is always looking for a way to escape the planet, whether through comic books, films, television, books or video games. She always has an eye out for the subversive and champions diversity in media.

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  • IDW Pubwatch April 2020

    IDW Pubwatch April 20200

    Welcome to the April IDW Pubwatch. I know the world is burning around us but here’s something to distract you: a few exciting comics that will take your mind away, at least for a little while. There isn’t much news coming out of IDW—for obvious reasons—but I do have some comic book reviews as well

  • Yes, It’s True: The Death of Nancy Drew #1 is a Disaster

    Yes, It’s True: The Death of Nancy Drew #1 is a Disaster1

    Nancy Drew is dead. Car crash, apparently. The cops have written it off as an accident and the rest of River Heights, her hometown, is going about like it’s business as usual. But Joe Hardy, teen detective and Nancy’s boyfriend, refuses to believe that Nancy’s death was an accident -it’s murder and he’s going to