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Annes Elwy plays a strange maid who arrives at a Welsh home in The Feast. She is in a fog-filled woods, crouched on lush green grass, looking up at something off-camera.

REVIEW: The Feast Serves Up Anti-Colonial Welsh Folk Horror

Folk horror often examines tension between the “modern” and the “premodern,” the latter represented by folklore, witchcraft, and superstition which threaten the “modern” protagonist. Many folk horror flicks, like the classic The Wicker Man and the more recent The Witch, use this dynamic to critique modernity, traditionally defined by western white men and used to…

A white man with black hair in bright blue armor is standing close to an Asian woman with black hair in bright green armor. Her hands are on his chest and their gaze is romantic.

REVIEW: The Eternals Is Imperfect, But It’s a Fun Film With A Charming Cast

The Eternals, Jack Kirby’s cosmic tale of space gods, was always a weird choice for an MCU adaptation. Kirby’s psychedelic colors and bombastic designs are a poor match for the pseudo-realistic militarized costumes of our current heroes. When you think “adaptable” you don’t really think Eternals. So how did the MCU version fare? Well, it…