• ComicCon@Home – It’s Morphin’ Time! Power Rangers Meet Up

    ComicCon@Home – It’s Morphin’ Time! Power Rangers Meet Up0

    I’m not extremely well-versed with the Power Rangers universe—I remember the films from when I was a child, which I still quote extensively, but I didn’t get to see the shows growing up. I wasn’t sure whether a Power Rangers meet-up panel would make for meaningful content, but not only did this panel end up

  • ComicCon@Home Teases The Monstrous Lovecraft Country

    ComicCon@Home Teases The Monstrous Lovecraft Country0

    Supernatural horror and real world monsters collide in HBO’s Lovecraft Country. Adapted from Matt Ruff’s novel (that’s based on H.P. Lovecraft’s iconic yet racist works), the show feels more timely than ever. The cast spoke on the Lovecraft Country ComicCon@Home panel about their characters and the ugly truth of American society, both then and now.

  • ComicCon@Home Previews Marvel’s Horror-Tinged Helstrom

    ComicCon@Home Previews Marvel’s Horror-Tinged Helstrom0

    Satan’s spawn are hitting the screen in Hulu and Marvel’s horror-tinged Helstrom. The show is going to be the last Marvel live-action series to launch outside of Disney+, after Ghost Rider was sadly scrapped. The cast and creator went on the Helstrom ComicCon@Home panel to talk about character arcs and what Helstrom was about — though unsurprisingly, everyone