• Last Week’s Episode: Lot of News0

    We are still in a global pandemic and watershed moment in dealing with racism in both explicit and implicit forms, but entertainment news is still moving! So here are the updates from this week.

  • Last Week’s Episode: July, July!0

    June has ended, but what’s changed? It’s brutally hot outside (at least in my hemisphere) but I don’t feel great about safely retreating to movie theatres. Even Fox News has finally masks are finally good to wear during a pandemic. Activists are still in the streets protesting (and being brutalized) for racial justice and an

  • Last Week’s Episode: What is a Week Anyway??

    Last Week’s Episode: What is a Week Anyway??1

    As the world continues faces a long overdue reckoning with uprisings around the globe against anti-Black racism and white supremacy, the entertainment world is trying to return to some semblance of normal. Of course, the big question is what will that look like? And in the face of current conversations, protests, and civil unrest why