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Still from Jiang Ziya showing the main character

Investing in the Gods: Nezha, Jiang Ziya and the Fengshen Cinematic Universe

The global box office has long been dominated by Hollywood blockbusters. If you look at one of the past decade’s annual lists of the highest-grossing films, chances are you will be confronted with the continuing adventures of Marvel superheroes, the latest iteration of Star Wars, and other such bankable tentpoles. Things changed in 2020, however:…

army of the dead

REVIEW: Army of the Dead – Face it, Zombie Tiger, You Just Hit the Jackpot

Invoking the late icon with sequined jumpsuits and sculpted waves of black hair, Elvis impersonators are already the walking dead—Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead only takes the extra step of turning them into flesh-eating zombies. Parachuting onto Netflix after a limited theatrical release, Snyder’s exhilarating return to the zombie genre turns the hedonistic joy…