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Cover for Carmina #1. A young woman with long, dark hair, stands and looks intently towards the viewer. She has raised one of her arms, which evokes a green glow. Behind her hovers the ghostly image of woman with her hands raised along her sides. Both figures float above a wide shot of a couple of homes with a pickup truck parked near by.

Diwata Komiks Hopes to Bring Forward More Filipino Stories That Resonate From Home

Interest in ongoing komiks series like Trese has shown a growing enthusiasm for wider, global accessibility to consume Philippine-produced media. In recent years, especially accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic’s limitations of conventions and art shows, platforms like Penlab have given komiks creators more opportunities to expand their reach online while broadening the channels potential readers…

A young girl in a black skirt and orange top with light brown skin and black poufy pigtails walks towards the camera. She is wearing a slight smile and she is holding on to the straps of her backpack. Behind her are other children standing in front of lockers talking

INTERVIEW: Lee Durfey-Lavoie and Veronica Agarwal Explore Mental Health and Middle School in Just Roll With It

Having a middle schooler myself and watching her navigate all the fun and exciting and overwhelming and frustrating things that come with busting into teenhood and preparing for high school makes Just Roll With It really hit home. The debut graphic novel from Lee Durfey-Lavoie and the second graphic novel for illustrator Veronica Agarwal, Just…

A fragment of the graphic on the Kickstarter homepage, featuring a photograph of hands and the caption "Magic & Divination, come on in, sit for a spell..."

A Magical Focus: Meredith Graves Talks Kickstarter’s New Magic & Divination Section

In an exciting move for witches, oracles and occultists alike, Kickstarter recently announced and launched their newest section of the site: the Magic & Divination homepage, which compiles all the magic-themed projects—both real and fictional—in one enchanted place. And it makes sense! Kickstarter has become a real home for the magical community, particularly with the…

The cover of Sour Pickles by Clio Isadora (Avery Hill Publishing, October 2021)

INTERVIEW: Clio Isadora Returns to Her Final Year of Art School With Sour Pickles

London-based comic book creator and illustrator Clio Isadora has been self-publishing risograph comics since graduating from Central Saint Martins art school. Her work has been exhibited in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Now, for the first time, she gets to hold her first published graphic novel in her hands with Sour Pickles,…