Thank You

In the past few years, Women Write About Comics has undergone several big changes. First, because we had simply grown too big for our britches and our focus had gone well beyond comics, WWAC decided to split our blog into  different sister blogs. Ms En Scene and Sidequest, to focuses on moving pictures and gaming respectively, while Bookmarked focuses on books. With the help of our first Indiegogo supporters, we also ventured into the world of zine publishing with Bleating Heart Press, which has since produced four issues of Secrets of the Goat People, with so much more to come.

But with great expansion, comes great technical difficulties. The sheer size of our site content and the site split was too much for our server and we struggled with a lot of downtime and frustration. Finally, we decided it was time to move. Our second Indiegogo campaign helped us relocate to a new server that can manage all of this awesome.

We are so very grateful for the support we received throughout this transitional period. We would like to express our gratitude to all of our supporters during these Indiegogo campaigns, including:

D. Maxwell-Ross, C. Mole, ajkazlouski, J. S.Quinn, A. Cordes, Tyler Trent, CK Russell, R. Dunlavey, C. Stickney, H. Barajas, M. Hensel, T. Shapira, J.Troutman, G. Taub, N. Brinkley, M.Mazzacane, T.Howard, A. Graudins, S. Liberman, J. Hartman, N. Valle

And now we have moved on to the next phase in our growth for which we have started a Patreon campaign. We are immensely grateful to all of our patrons:

A.P. Knave, A. Heberling, A. Wilgus, A. Meadows, A. Vail, A. Tschetter, A. Okay, B. Hykes, B. Tihane, B. Alverson, C. Baker, C. Pomaybo, C. Sebela, Chrono, D. Carpenter, D. Grier, D.M. Willis, dayquipper, dogunderwater, E. Monotone, E. Amaya, Glitter Warriors, Hanners, Helikhana, H. Barajas, Ivan, J. Corwin, J. Dougan, K. Tanski, K. Knox, K. Robinson, K. Wetter, Ladies , aking Comics, Laura, Linhtropy, loudlysilent, M. Yu, M. Groom, N. Pfau, P. Was, Poisonpainter, R. Cruz & M. Leung, R.A. Diamant, S. Casares, S. Century, S. Gaydos, S. Fraze, S. Rowland, S. Blakey, T. Brandt, The Comics Beat, T. Lake, W.A. Edwards, W. Browne, H. Swanson, M. Butler, E. Stewart, D. Wolk, Chelsea M., C. Seeley, M. Brinks, S. Hoad, Shivaun H., J. Joyner, A. Bartel, S. Anderson, N. Joyce, J. Frank, A. Falk, E. Rosner, C. Shepard, M. Molcher, M. Jones, S. Puc, D. King, K. Lowrey, B. Caffrey, E. Palicki, T. Carroll, G. Pak, B. Kahn, M. Chomsky, K. Haspel, R. Guida, L.Vehrs, KJ, D. Rettig, L. Nolan, A. Ewing, M. Pucik, D. Roth, T. Howard, K. Berry, C. Rifkind, MaZZm, M. Mrkvicka, A. Reck, Z. Jenkins, J. Kaplan, G. Devos, S. Krohn, R. Davis, T. Shapira, A. Lange, D. Murano, A. Dalton, A. Hayler, K. Raman, M. Rotvel, A. Selby, C. Fite, S. Jackson, Uthor, ShelfDust, E. Stewart, Emily, R. Marquez, Z. Dean, V. Gullapalli, Lizbeth Anne, K. Johnson, J. Sobel, J. Large, I. Hagedorn, S. Ulysses, R. Arellano, CB. Herald, C. Beltran, J. Hall-Bachner, Q. Croft, C. Tongue, Z. Tunnell, M. Brown, I. Moonshadow, Eslepth, M. Knopf, J. Hunter, C. Finnegan, R. Secundus, A. Grant, S. Jones, Lan M., U. Bøe, G. Rooney, Max, E. Lim, M. Urcaregui, WJ Hill, M. Challen, B. Smith, J. More, R. Mohan, L. Wolfson, Mason, M. Turetsky, K. Tweten, K. Rea, A. Nicovich, C. McCreery, S. Czech, Kim, S. Campos del Toro, J. J. Lee, P. Bryan, CBC Podcast, Strip Panel Naked, A. Loose, C. Gailey, C. Staffi, A. Loose, G. Galligan, E. Metz, ACC, A. Harris,

Keanu Reeves in Always be My Maybe