• Comics New Year’s Resolutions

    Comics New Year’s Resolutions2

    It’s that time of year where we all vow to improve ourselves from the year before, be it more trips to the gym or getting out of debt. But what of comics New Year’s resolutions? What do you want to change for the better about your comics habits?  Whether it’s trying manga for the first

  • When You Wish Upon a WWAC: A Holiday Gift Guide

    When You Wish Upon a WWAC: A Holiday Gift Guide0

    Shopping for the holidays can be a struggle, but we here at WWAC are happy to help. We have compiled a range of suggestions of gifts for the geeks in your life with extremely good taste. Existing over a wide spectrum of fandoms and sundry geekeries, our highest priced suggestion is $575, our most affordable

  • Is She Warm Enough?

    Is She Warm Enough?0

    Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we have reached that time of year when the November chill seeps into our very perceptions and every image of a person makes us debate the most pressing question of our time: is she warm enough? With comics characters, who have a variety of special genes and circumstances affecting their