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    Emily Lauer

    In addition to being a contributor to the site, Emily Lauer is the Pubwatch Editor for WWAC. She teaches writing and literature at Suffolk County Community College where she studies comics, kids' books, adaptations and visual culture. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, daughter and dog.

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  • What Is a Pubwatch, Even?

    What Is a Pubwatch, Even?0

    Long ago, in the mysterious and misty past of 2017, WWAC began offering regular, coherent roundups of industry news and mini-reviews of recent publications from a variety of publishers and called them Pubwatches. Since then, our list of Pubwatches has grown drastically. In my exalted capacity as Pubwatch Editor (please note: capacity not actually exalted),

  • Webcomics Roundup: Some Spooky, Some Heartfelt, Some Both!

    Webcomics Roundup: Some Spooky, Some Heartfelt, Some Both!0

    Welcome to this month’s webcomics roundup! While last month we were nestling down into long cozy narratives for fall, it seems like this month we are similarly seasonal, with some spooky recommendations for you just in time for Halloween. You probably want monsters and demons and cannibals, right? We’ve got those and more in this

  • Read-Alikes: Welcome to the Fantastic Worlds of Diana Wynne Jones

    Read-Alikes: Welcome to the Fantastic Worlds of Diana Wynne Jones0

    When I was a kid, I read my paperback copy of Witch Week by Diana Wynne Jones so many times that the binding fell apart. As much as I enjoyed it, I remember having a lot of questions during my rereads. For example, I can remember wondering, “Why does it seem like I am supposed to

  • NYCC: Escape the World

    NYCC: Escape the World0

    On the Friday of New York Comic Con (NYCC), as I descended into the depths of the Javits Center in search of Artist Alley, I had one thing on my mind: how could I balance having fun at this con with my justified worry about American politics? With that in mind, I toured Level 1,