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    Emily Lauer

    In addition to being a contributor to the site, Emily Lauer is the Pubwatch Editor for WWAC. She teaches writing and literature at Suffolk County Community College where she studies comics, kids' books, adaptations and visual culture. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, daughter and dog.

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  • Random House Book Club Is Extremely Hip

    Random House Book Club Is Extremely Hip0

    If you want to drink wine and chat with smart enthusiastic people about a buzzy book in an extremely cool lounge, the publisher Random House has your back. Continuing their pattern of innovative New York City event planning after their fun Book Fair for Grownups last fall, Penguin Random House launched a swanky new monthly

  • Bloodlust and Bonnets Delivers a Madcap Good Time

    Bloodlust and Bonnets Delivers a Madcap Good Time0

    Bloodlust and Bonnets by Emily McGovern tells a fast-paced and absurdist adventure story in which an amoral young lady called Lucy teams up with Lord Byron and some other vaguely reliable pals to hunt vampires. There’s a giant eagle who speaks French and communicates telepathically. It’s a lot of fun.

  • One Order of Murder Mystery, Hold the Regressive Politics, Please

    One Order of Murder Mystery, Hold the Regressive Politics, Please0

    After seeing Knives Out, I, for one, felt a new resurgence of my love for murder mysteries. There are many great murder mysteries of course, but one of the reasons Knives Out felt so rejuvenating is that it sidestepped a lot of the conservative political assumptions of the genre. Excitingly, however, there is a rich

  • Machina Delivers Suspense and Robots

    Machina Delivers Suspense and Robots0

    Machina takes place in a near(ish) future, in which it has become increasingly clear that humans cannot stay on Earth longterm with any expectation of survival. That’s why rival tech companies are competing for a choice Government contract to send their AIs to Mars: to begin terraforming for humans to eventually migrate. Two rival companies