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A pale woman in a black cloak stands against a purple and red bar scene. She holds a scythe and raises a glass to the viewer.

REVIEW: Grimm Tales of Terror Quarterly Presents: Bachelorette Party

Beginning with a story of fraught friendships before unfolding into a The Hangover-style paranormal mystery, the latest issue of Grimm Tales of Terror Quarterly Presents tells the story of a bachelorette party gone wrong. The interesting demonic antagonist and a compelling mystery plot make for an entertaining story, but the inconsistent artwork brings the party…

A mustached man in a trench coat holds a wooden stake and a rosary. A crest of a snake and a dragon is behind him

INTERVIEW: Warwick Johnson-Cadwell Returns to Vampire Hunting and Mystery with Falconspeare

There’s more to Mike Mignola than Hellboy, though stories like 2017’s Mr. Higgins Comes Homes and its sequel, Our Encounters with Darkness, still bear his indelible signature of supernatural horror and wonder — and a touch of silliness and dark humor. These particular stories see Mignola teaming up with acclaimed artist Warwick Johnson-Cadwell as their…