• Community Spaces, Alternative Marketplaces: Indie Comics and Culture

    Community Spaces, Alternative Marketplaces: Indie Comics and Culture0

    Over the last decade, the growth of independent, “indie,” or creator-owned comics has broadened the comic book landscape and birthed a new wave of creators who aren’t adhering to conventional standards. The demand for non-superhero material from publishers outside of the Big Two (Marvel and DC) has empowered creators to carve out their own space

  • The Best (or Worst?) Villains Scooby-Doo Has to Offer

    The Best (or Worst?) Villains Scooby-Doo Has to Offer0

    If you follow me on any social media, you know that I consider myself to be a connoisseur of Scooby-Doo. In anticipation for the Scoob! movie, I felt the need to bust out my Scooby-Doo DVD collection and rewatch all of them. In doing so, I realized most of the villains in Scooby-Doo share a

  • DC PUBWATCH May 2020

    DC PUBWATCH May 20200

    Welcome to the May 2020 DC PUBWATCH. The biggest news of the month is surely that comics have returned to retail shelves, and that a hint of normalcy may be creeping back in. Stay safe, and get your comics however you can. Other news is the announced ends of two runs. Harley Quinn is ending

  • Marauders #10: A Queen’s Wrath

    Marauders #10: A Queen’s Wrath0

    It’s been a while since we’ve been here, so a quick recap of Marauders #9 is in order: the X-Men discovered a stowaway riding aboard (inside) of Pyro and dispatched him and a strongly worded warning back to Homines Verendi. Now, Emma Frost, tamping down her pain over Kate’s unsolved murder and continued failed resurrection

  • Titan Comics Pubwatch: May 2020

    Titan Comics Pubwatch: May 20200

    For most of us, life is still life on lockdown, with more questions and anxieties than certainties and answers as the hours and days pass.  But thank goodness for comics that can provide us with moments of escape and distraction from a 24 hour news cycle that rivals even the most dystopian of dystopias.  I

  • Constantly Crafts a Powerful Message through Simplicity

    Constantly Crafts a Powerful Message through Simplicity0

    In the under fifty pages that make up the graphic novel Constantly, the author (who goes by the pseudonym gg) creates a loop all too familiar for those who experience depression. gg’s construction of this loop is impressive when considering the simplicity of this short yet impactful comic. She uses no dialogue and small amounts