• Far Sector #3 Brings it Back to Earth

    Far Sector #3 Brings it Back to Earth0

    In Far Sector #3, tempers run high as those on the emotion exploit go up against those on switchoff, resulting in a massive public protest that Lantern Sojourner (Jo) Mullein must bring to a peaceful resolution before things get explosive.

  • Dejah Thoris #1-2: Winter is Coming

    Dejah Thoris #1-2: Winter is Coming0

    This is a different Dejah Thoris than the one we’ve seen of late. Gone is the naive young princess who must learn the ways of her world in order to navigate it. Now she is a grandmother, ousted from her throne, and the planet of Barsoom faces a threat that it has never felt before.

  • Cover Reveal: Ironheart 2020 #1

    Cover Reveal: Ironheart 2020 #10

    As announced last fall at New York City Comic Con, Marvel’s Iron Man 2020 event begins this month with Iron Man 2020 #1 starring Arno Stark. The event will feature several spin-off titles, including Ironheart 2020. Ironheart, aka Riri Williams, debuted in Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato Jr.’s Invincible Iron Man #9 (2015), and got her

  • BOOM Pubwatch: January 2020

    BOOM Pubwatch: January 20200

    We did it! We survived 2019! It’s felt like a particularly long year last year, especially since I spent the majority of it recovering from my ankle injury. I’m not taking any chances this year! I’m planning on staying inside as much as possible and attempting to put a dent in the ever-growing pile of

  • Sarai Is a New Hero for a Harsh World0

    I picked up Sarai from Comixology after learning about it through Sonica Ellis’ viral tweet encouraging independent comic book creators to ask local comic book stores to carry their books. Released in 2018, the story’s message the story presents and its creator’s encouragement are no less relevant today.

  • Previously on Comics: Marvel to Release the Claremont Cut and DC Comics Goes to the Zoo

    Previously on Comics: Marvel to Release the Claremont Cut and DC Comics Goes to the Zoo0

    Oh hey it’s Monday! And comics industry news from last week was actually pretty good! Marvel will release an extended version of Chris Claremont’s God Loves Man Kills next month. For the first time, the Scotiabank Giller Prize will open its doors to graphic novels. The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) announced its 2020 list