• Comics New Year’s Resolutions

    Comics New Year’s Resolutions2

    It’s that time of year where we all vow to improve ourselves from the year before, be it more trips to the gym or getting out of debt. But what of comics New Year’s resolutions? What do you want to change for the better about your comics habits?  Whether it’s trying manga for the first

  • Excalibur #5 and the Gospel of Dolly Parton

    Excalibur #5 and the Gospel of Dolly Parton0

    The events of the past four issues come to a head in Excalibur #5, as the groundwork laid by the creative team comes together in explosive ways. With the long promised return of Rogue, Excalibur assembles its full team for the first time, just in time to change the status quo in a huge fashion. Excalibur has been one

  • Folklords #2 Takes the Easy Road

    Folklords #2 Takes the Easy Road0

    Folklords #2 follows Ansel, the fantasy comic’s human protagonist, and Archer, his elf friend, as they go out of their village and into the woods in search of the titular Folklords.