• The Osiris Path Searches for the History of Humanity — in Space?

    The Osiris Path Searches for the History of Humanity — in Space?0

    The Osiris Path is a brand new comic series from Behemoth, having launched with a first chapter entitled Ladder of the Gods. If you like space, if you like archaeology, and if you like alternative history, then you should definitely check out The Osiris Path, given that these all play central roles in the story

  • DC PUBWATCH June 2020 Edition

    DC PUBWATCH June 2020 Edition0

    Hi, friends! June just kinda flew by, didn’t it? But also it seemed to last forever too, right? In the June 2020 DC Pubwatch, we are almost back to a sense of normalcy in a small way with the number of books releasing being similar to pre-quarantine days. The biggest piece of DC news this

  • We Served the People: Calming and Conflicted

    We Served the People: Calming and Conflicted0

    Emei Burell’s graphic novel We Served the People: My Mother’s Stories depicts Burell’s mother, Yuan Ye Ping’s, experience of the Down to the Countryside Movement during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Through these stories, told through prose, art, and incorporating photographs, the audience reflects on the lived experience of the Cultural Revolution. It’s an important, subtle