Author: Kathryn Hemmann

Four panels, or the top half of a page of a comic. Two figures with ponytails speak in all four panels. Panel 1: "So what's upstairs?" "It's actually pretty amazing." Both speakers are in front of a door. Panel 2: "I didn't even know this was here!" "Yeah, used to be the main entrance but we don't use it anymore." They are looking at a staircase. Panel 3: "It's hard to believe now, but this used to be the biggest cinema outisde of London." They walk. Panel 4: "Whoa, I never would've..." Behind them, there are obvious signs of disrepair.

REVIEW: A Movie Theater Meets Reality in Breakwater

Breakwater is not a gentle slice-of-life story, nor is it a harrowing tale of mental illness. Rather, much like many lived experiences, it’s something in between. Katriona Chapman’s soft graphite art deftly conveys the personalities and emotions of regular people facing a difficult decision, transforming the mundane backdrop of a dilapidated cinema into a stage…