• Last Week’s Episode: What is a Week Anyway??

    Last Week’s Episode: What is a Week Anyway??1

    As the world continues faces a long overdue reckoning with uprisings around the globe against anti-Black racism and white supremacy, the entertainment world is trying to return to some semblance of normal. Of course, the big question is what will that look like? And in the face of current conversations, protests, and civil unrest why

  • Vault Pubwatch Light: June 2020

    Vault Pubwatch Light: June 20200

    We’re slowly starting to see things back on the shelves at our local comic stores, but things are still a little light. While Vault waits for the vaults to open, the company isn’t sitting idle on the more pressing matters affecting our world right now:

  • Titan Comics Pubwatch: June 2020

    Titan Comics Pubwatch: June 20200

    June is bustin’ out all over, and so are comics, now that Diamond’s distribution channels are back up and running.  And while it’s far from normal, it’s nice to see new books on the shelves.  What’s been going on across the pond?  Let’s find out! (And if you are venturing out to your comic shop to

  • Previously On Comics: Priorities

    Previously On Comics: Priorities0

    I don’t know how to do this today. I don’t know how to be anything but scared and angry anymore. I don’t know how, during a pandemic, where Black people are being forced to risk their lives in order to explain that their livers MATTER, on the three year anniversary of Grenfell, a few days

  • Last Week’s Episode: Black Lives Matter, and the Reckoning Is Here

    Last Week’s Episode: Black Lives Matter, and the Reckoning Is Here0

    This week, we saw the dam break in all parts of entertainment and media (using the widest possible definition of the phrase) with Black, Indigenous, and other people of color speaking out about racism, both micro and macro, they’ve experienced in the workplace. There are a few news stories to cover before getting into it,

  • Last Week’s Episode: All Fake Cops Should Donate

    Last Week’s Episode: All Fake Cops Should Donate0

    As Black Lives Matter protests in honor of George Floyd and other victims of police brutality continue across the country, corporations and celebrities scrambled to find the appropriate tone to respond on their own social media accounts, to varying success. And while people started pulling receipts (I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting the Metropolitan Opera to