Day: July 15, 2021

Sugar Jones, Pat Mills & Rafael Busom for Pink, Rebellion Comics

REVIEW: The Best of Sugar Jones

Sugar Jones is a girl comic from a 1970s teen magazine, Pink (1974-(1979?), and at first glance, this volume of collected strips is all about commonly denominated ~girl stuff. Fashion! Make-up! Great big hair and enormous eyelashes, size-threatened only by the circumference of her bellbottoms! And these excellent and diverting aspects are certainly present throughout….

Alexandra Trese in Episode 1 of 'Trese.'

REVIEW: Netflix’s Trese Could Improve Its Delivery of Darkness and Dwende

This review contains spoilers for Trese (2021). “There are monsters among us, and some of them are human,” remarks Alexandra Trese, after cracking yet another case in the Philippine metropolitan of Manila, where the supernatural stalk its streets. Following in the footsteps of her father and coming from a significant lineage, Alexandra works as a…