Author: Claire Napier

Sugar Jones, Pat Mills & Rafael Busom for Pink, Rebellion Comics

REVIEW: The Best of Sugar Jones

Sugar Jones is a girl comic from a 1970s teen magazine, Pink (1974-(1979?), and at first glance, this volume of collected strips is all about commonly denominated ~girl stuff. Fashion! Make-up! Great big hair and enormous eyelashes, size-threatened only by the circumference of her bellbottoms! And these excellent and diverting aspects are certainly present throughout….

The first page of Hugh Madden's Treasure Island Adaptation, self-published, 2020

I Wish I Could’ve Given Everyone Hugh Madden’s Treasure Island for Christmas

Hugh Madden started cartooning his adaptation of Treasure Island on the eighteenth of March, early in the Irish Lockdown. As I write, he’s completed two hundred and twenty-seven pages, all free to read in one mega-thread on Twitter, and has covered everything up until Hawkins’ joining, under sufferance, Silver’s pirate gang now marooned on the…