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    Claire Napier

    Critic, ex-Editor in Chief at WWAC, independent comics editor; the rock that drops on your head. Find me at clairenapierclairenapier@gmail.com and give me lots of money

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  • BOOM! Bar: Half-Year Check-In

    BOOM! Bar: Half-Year Check-In0

    If you’ve ever been curious about what BOOM! and their imprints KaBOOM!, BOOM! Box and Archaia put out into the world, this overview should give you a snapshot of their range. Ah, BOOM! Bar readers, when last did we speak? January. Forgive me. In apology, I bring you February through June, all at once. We’ll

  • Secret Weapon Launched: Branwyn Bigglestone Moves On

    Secret Weapon Launched: Branwyn Bigglestone Moves On3

    When Branwyn Bigglestone announced (more like mentioned, really) that she was leaving her accountancy position at Image Comics to do a Masters in Accountancy, it was picked up quickly by her peers who knew what an asset she’s been for the company. Having previously heard from David Brothers and others in the know about just