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    Paulina Przystupa

    Paulina (aka @punuckish) is a Filipino-Polish archaeologist and anthropology graduate student who grew up in the Pacific Northwest and loves comics and pop culture. Her academic work focuses on how buildings and landscapes aid or impede the learning of culture by children. In general, she is an over-educated fan of things; primarily comics, comics-related properties, cartoons, science-fiction, and fantasy. This means she takes what she knows and uses it to critique what she loves. Recently, she has brought such discussions to the public by organizing and moderating panels at comic cons centered on anthropology/culture related topics.

Author's Posts

  • Starship Down #1: Something Old and Something New

    Starship Down #1: Something Old and Something New0

    Starship Down #1 explores how aliens may have influenced the evolution of humans. Which would be more exciting for me if everyone hadn’t already done this. From comics, to movies, to TV shows, to conspiracy YouTubers, basically all mediums have explored the question of aliens and human evolution. So what does Starship Down have that

  • Artemis and the Assassin #1 Hits the Wrong Target

    Artemis and the Assassin #1 Hits the Wrong Target1

    Nothing captures my attention more in a comic than when creators introduce a strong, competent woman in the first few pages of new series, ass first. Obviously that’s a lie. Well, not exactly. It does capture my attention but for the wrong reasons. It’s a good butt. It’s a butt that the artists drew with

  • Pretty Deadly, Pretty Cautious

    Pretty Deadly, Pretty Cautious1

    I have loved Pretty Deadly since I first heard about it. The title, the creators, and the ideas fit everything I wanted from a new creator-owned series in 2014. And it has delivered. The Shrike, The Bear, and The Rat are awesome tales, combining the best parts of comics as a storytelling media. A wonderful

  • Casting Call: Why a Mixed-Race Kate Bishop in Hawkeye Makes Sense

    Casting Call: Why a Mixed-Race Kate Bishop in Hawkeye Makes Sense0

    When I saw that Hailee Steinfield was the frontrunner to play Kate Bishop in Disney+’s Hawkeye, I messaged everyone I knew about it. Finally, someone like me was going to play an Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) hero: a mixed race Filipinx person who fell into the “ambiguously brown” category. While my excitement was not universal