Author: Adrienne Resha

Steve McNiven and Frank D’Armata’s cover for Moon Knight #1 by writer Jed MacKay, artist Alessandro Cappuccio, colorist Rachelle Rosenberg, and letterer Cory Petit feature image depicting Moon Knight in the rain

REVIEW: Moon Knight #1

Opening with a multilevel marketing scheme orchestrated by vampires, Moon Knight #1 hits the ground running. Or, well, Moon Knight (Marc Spector) hits a van while it’s running, fulfilling his duty as a Fist of (the absent, see Avengers) Khonshu and protector of those who travel (unwillingly in the aforementioned van) at night.

White and Gündüz Turkish Kaleidoscope Cover cropped

REVIEW: Turkish Kaleidoscope: Fractured Lives in a Time of Violence

Social anthropologist and novelist Jenny White (Muslim Nationalism and the New Turks, The Winter Thief) and artist Ergün Gündüz’s Turkish Kaleidoscope is dizzying. The graphic novel follows four characters, who are fictionalized composites of oral history interviewees, over four years in Turkey as political power shifted between different leftist and rightist groups. The comic, which…