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    Cori McCreery

    Cori is a life long comic nerd residing in Northern California. A life long Supergirl and DC Comics fan, she is the DC Comics Beat Reporter for Women Write About Comics.

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  • DC PUBWATCH – July 2020 Edition

    DC PUBWATCH – July 2020 Edition0

    Welcome to the July and SDCC@home edition of the DC Pubwatch! This month we bid a fond farewell to the antics of one James Olsen with Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #12 and cover the news that came out of a very different version of San Diego Comic-Con.

  • REVIEW: Hellions #2: Who’s Bleeding?

    REVIEW: Hellions #2: Who’s Bleeding?0

    Our team of severely broken people arrives at the State Home for Foundlings and things get unbelievably messy in Hellions #2. Well, messier, because let’s be honest, things were already messy for this group of chaos engines.

  • REVIEW: Batgirl #47 Revisits “The Killing Joke” AGAIN

    REVIEW: Batgirl #47 Revisits “The Killing Joke” AGAIN2

    If there’s one constant over the last ten years of Batgirl stories, it’s DC revisiting the time that Joker paralyzed Barbara Gordon. In 2011, when the New 52 launched, it did so with Barbara back behind the cowl as Batgirl, something that hadn’t been seen since 1988 in Batgirl Special #1. The Killing Joke hit

  • DC PUBWATCH June 2020 Edition

    DC PUBWATCH June 2020 Edition0

    Hi, friends! June just kinda flew by, didn’t it? But also it seemed to last forever too, right? In the June 2020 DC Pubwatch, we are almost back to a sense of normalcy in a small way with the number of books releasing being similar to pre-quarantine days. The biggest piece of DC news this