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A crop of an illustration from Wang XX's Seal Comics. A white seal eats a strawberry, its eyes big and round with shock. Other animals (a manatee, an octopus, and a... flower) sit around the table with the seal, some also holding strawberries. Think I've Still Got It, Wang XX, Paradise Systems, 2021. The column title lettering is laid over the artwork, and reads “A FISTFUL OF COMICS” in big yellow text. Below, in red, reads “CROWDFUNDING ROUNDUP, SEPTEMBER ’21.”

A Fistful of Comics: Crowdfunding Roundup, September ‘21

Welcome to September! I’m counting my blessings this month—my building in NYC survived Hurricane Ida’s fallout relatively unscathed (though other folks still need help), the east coast summer humidity has finally abated, and the roster of crowdfunded projects in the comics space this month is a dangerous, dangerous bounty. Each of the three spotlighted projects…

Four panels, or the top half of a page of a comic. Two figures with ponytails speak in all four panels. Panel 1: "So what's upstairs?" "It's actually pretty amazing." Both speakers are in front of a door. Panel 2: "I didn't even know this was here!" "Yeah, used to be the main entrance but we don't use it anymore." They are looking at a staircase. Panel 3: "It's hard to believe now, but this used to be the biggest cinema outisde of London." They walk. Panel 4: "Whoa, I never would've..." Behind them, there are obvious signs of disrepair.

REVIEW: A Movie Theater Meets Reality in Breakwater

Breakwater is not a gentle slice-of-life story, nor is it a harrowing tale of mental illness. Rather, much like many lived experiences, it’s something in between. Katriona Chapman’s soft graphite art deftly conveys the personalities and emotions of regular people facing a difficult decision, transforming the mundane backdrop of a dilapidated cinema into a stage…

People sit on couches and around a coffee table. A banner behind them reads "Two Spirit Circle"

Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: North America an Interview with Editors Kate Ashwin and Kel McDonald

After visiting Asia, Africa, and Europe, the Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales anthology series is moving to North America. Featuring 100 pages of entertaining and educational stories, The Woman and the Woods and Other North American Stories — now on Kickstarter — explores the stories, passed down through generations, of the people who have inhabited Turtle…

A bulletin board with black and white illustrations of pictures of women

INTERVIEW: It’s Not What You Thought It Would Be With Lizzy Stewart

London-based illustrator Lizzy Stewart is best known for her children’s books, but with It’s Not What You Thought It Would Be, we see what coming of age means through the eyes of several young women. Exploring their winding paths to adulthood through previously self-published short stories, Stewart’s new graphic novel from Fantagraphics will be available…