• Con Diaries: Flame Con 2018

    Con Diaries: Flame Con 20180

    Flame Con has leveled up in its fourth year, moving to a bigger venue in Times Square from Brooklyn. The new digs provided a bigger artist alley and more space for even more queer fans, panels, and stage shows. It’s an all-ages con, and is free for the youth to attend on Sunday, so while

  • Con Diary: Bookmarked Takes On SDCC 2018

    Con Diary: Bookmarked Takes On SDCC 20180

    Hello lovely readers — it’s Paige,  your Bookmarked editor and Dark Horse Pubwatch writer here at WWAC! August marks a full year that I’ve been part of the site, and it’s been a truly joyous experience in my freelance career. One of my most memorable experiences thus far has been the recent opportunity to join

  • Momocon: A Convention for Fans of All Kinds

    Momocon: A Convention for Fans of All Kinds0

    It had only been a month since the cancellation and resulting fallout of Universal Fan Con, and it was still on my mind. Not so much the actual event, but all the fans and vendors that had been let down. As a fan, it hurts when I see other fans being bailed on and having

  • Artists Have Cool Brains: Short Reviews from Chicago Zine Fest 2018

    Artists Have Cool Brains: Short Reviews from Chicago Zine Fest 20180

    When I arrived at this year’s Chicago Zine Fest (CZF), the first thing I did was make a zine. It’s been a difficult year thus far, and I have to confess, I haven’t been thinking about zines much. I meant to get back to them, to seek out new zinesters review more work, and make

  • Wondercon 2018: A Fan’s Thoughts

    Wondercon 2018: A Fan’s Thoughts0

    Con season is in full swing, and Wondercon, sister convention to the epic monstrosity known as San Diego Comic-Con happened this past weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center in southern California. The weather was perfect for a con: sunny, but with just enough breeze to keep a jacket close by. Cosplayer groups and camera folx

  • Helsinki Zine Fest: Queer and Hopeful

    Helsinki Zine Fest: Queer and Hopeful1

    My trip to Helsinki Zine Fest lasted only a single day, and yet it might have been one of my most important steps towards a career as a comics creator. In late July of last year, I had just found out I couldn’t afford my trip to New York to attend Flame Con. I was understandably upset at the prospect of almost being able to be within walking