• SacAnime 2017: Powered by Passion

    SacAnime 2017: Powered by Passion0

    I had no idea what to expect heading into SacAnime. Even the host city, Sacramento, is known pretty much only for being the capital of California (the reason for which, I found out from a native Californian friend, was because the original location in San Jose flooded) rather than any sort of unique culture (i.e.,

  • Comics Academe: Who are YOU Calling Monster?

    Comics Academe: Who are YOU Calling Monster?0

    Hello Sports Fans! As I’m writing this post, I’ve just returned to New York from San Diego Comic Con. I had tons of fun, and gave a little poster presentation at the Comics Art Conference that the wonderful Kathleen McClancy runs. My talk this year was titled “Monstrous Disruptions: Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona as Girl and

  • Academic Conference Asks: What Makes Women Monstrous?

    Academic Conference Asks: What Makes Women Monstrous?1

    Women are often called monsters. Even before the internet made trolling a favorite misogynist past time, women’s bodies, functions, and perceptions have been fair game for name calling. I joined a wonderful group of scholars to discuss what after all is so “monstrous” about women at the Monstrous Women Conference this last May in at

  • Dragon Con 2017: Highs and Lows

    Dragon Con 2017: Highs and Lows2

    This year, several folks on the WWAC team spent a long Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA, enjoying the combination of panels, programming, and partying that is Dragon Con. With over 80,000 attendees, 400 guests, and a parade, there’s something for everyone at this convention, and this particular con diary. Come for the cosplay gallery,

  • Neal Adams at a Really Good Comic Con

    Neal Adams at a Really Good Comic Con0

    Over Labor Day weekend, I attended the second annual San Francisco Comic-Con and found it to be great at some things and lacking at some others. First, I’d like to address that SFCC seems to have listened to fan criticism remarkably well. The two biggest complaints in their first year were the confusing, small venue

  • Con Diary: ID10T Was Just OK

    Con Diary: ID10T Was Just OK0

    On June 25th I attended Chris Hardwick’s first ever ID10T Music Festival and Comic Conival, a festival that combines indie rock, EDM, stand-up comedy, TV, and comics books all into one event. If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it kind of is. “I’ve done comedy at music festivals. I’ve done comedy at comedy