• Wondercon 2018: A Fan’s Thoughts

    Wondercon 2018: A Fan’s Thoughts0

    Con season is in full swing, and Wondercon, sister convention to the epic monstrosity known as San Diego Comic-Con happened this past weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center in southern California. The weather was perfect for a con: sunny, but with just enough breeze to keep a jacket close by. Cosplayer groups and camera folx

  • Helsinki Zine Fest: Queer and Hopeful

    Helsinki Zine Fest: Queer and Hopeful1

    My trip to Helsinki Zine Fest lasted only a single day, and yet it might have been one of my most important steps towards a career as a comics creator. In late July of last year, I had just found out I couldn’t afford my trip to New York to attend Flame Con. I was understandably upset at the prospect of almost being able to be within walking

  • SacAnime 2017: Powered by Passion

    SacAnime 2017: Powered by Passion0

    I had no idea what to expect heading into SacAnime. Even the host city, Sacramento, is known pretty much only for being the capital of California (the reason for which, I found out from a native Californian friend, was because the original location in San Jose flooded) rather than any sort of unique culture (i.e.,

  • Comics Academe: Who are YOU Calling Monster?

    Comics Academe: Who are YOU Calling Monster?0

    Hello Sports Fans! As I’m writing this post, I’ve just returned to New York from San Diego Comic Con. I had tons of fun, and gave a little poster presentation at the Comics Art Conference that the wonderful Kathleen McClancy runs. My talk this year was titled “Monstrous Disruptions: Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona as Girl and

  • Academic Conference Asks: What Makes Women Monstrous?

    Academic Conference Asks: What Makes Women Monstrous?1

    Women are often called monsters. Even before the internet made trolling a favorite misogynist past time, women’s bodies, functions, and perceptions have been fair game for name calling. I joined a wonderful group of scholars to discuss what after all is so “monstrous” about women at the Monstrous Women Conference this last May in at

  • Dragon Con 2017: Highs and Lows

    Dragon Con 2017: Highs and Lows2

    This year, several folks on the WWAC team spent a long Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA, enjoying the combination of panels, programming, and partying that is Dragon Con. With over 80,000 attendees, 400 guests, and a parade, there’s something for everyone at this convention, and this particular con diary. Come for the cosplay gallery,