• Previously on Comics: Living in a Hellscape

    Previously on Comics: Living in a Hellscape0

    Seems like every time I sit down to write one of these, I gotta lead with people in positions of power in the comics industry using that power to punch down. We start the week off with Action Lab. Sorry, Action Lab Danger Zone, because the first thing that both bearers of the Action Lab name

  • Her (Disney) Universe Fashion Show 2017

    Her (Disney) Universe Fashion Show 20170

    Geeks gone glam: the Her Universe Fashion Show returned to San Diego Comic Con for its fourth year and showcased the work of 25 fashion designers, all looking to win the prize of designing Her Universe’s 2018 clothing line. “If you can dream it, you can do it,” Ashley Eckstein, founder of the brand, told

  • Triangulating Looks: Introducing Fashion

    Triangulating Looks: Introducing Fashion0

    Because we live life on hard mode, we naturally decided to use column #2 to dig into the most difficult to define point on our triangle: fashion. In simplest terms, we’re defining fashion as building designs from the ground up rather than duplicating or reworking real world outfits. That doesn’t mean runway versus rack, though!

  • Bullying in the U.K. Cosplay Scene: What Can Be Done?

    Bullying in the U.K. Cosplay Scene: What Can Be Done?2

    Cosplay in the UK has been going on for long time, and I have found myself being involved in it, to a greater or lesser extent, for the last decade. I love cosplay. I love making it. I love wearing it. I love seeing what other people do with it. It has helped me become

  • Put Some Character In Your Wardrobe: Dress Like Your Faves

    Put Some Character In Your Wardrobe: Dress Like Your Faves0

    Today a friend of mine told me “I like your boots, they remind me of Sherlock Holmes.” I was properly chuffed. This had been my thought process when I bought them: “It’s a cool look” swiftly followed the Holmes statement. It was rather gratifying to have someone say it out loud though. I mean, I

  • Previously on Comics

    Previously on Comics0

    Real news, real tweets, real comics — an anthology of recent happenings Coming in just after closing of last week’s Previously, the loss of Jiro Taniguchi was felt the world over. A master of moment and vista, Taniguchi’s clarity of understatement touched readers profoundly. He was sixty-nine and left a beautiful canon for those yet to