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This year is almost over, fellow WWAC-ers. As the year comes to a close I bring news about an exciting new convention, new comic book plans, and an emotional send-off for a bullying victim.

Albuquerque was the place to be in late November for the first Indigenous Comic Con! “Organized by Lee Francis, CEO of Albuquerque’s Native Realities Press, Indigenous Comic Con (ICC) took place over three days in November at the city’s National Hispanic Cultural Center.”  Comic artists, writers, letters, cosplayers, and more showed up for this historic convention.

Arthur Peebles, an 18 year-old student at Guildford College, killed himself recently after years of being bullied. His mother, Jacqueline, organized a funeral that paid tribute to his favorite hobby: comic book superheroes. Dozens of mourners showed up in costume, including the funeral director. The family hopes that his funeral will raise awareness about the dangers of bullying.

An 8-page comic created by the co-CEO of Archie Comics will be taught in schools to encourage students to say something when they see something. “The curriculum has the potential to provide students with the tools to deal with tricky social issues like gun safety, bullying, obesity, healthy eating and environmental awareness.”

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