• Here’s Why You Should Support WWAC

    Here’s Why You Should Support WWAC0

    Women Write About Comics (WWAC) is an Eisner Award nominated comics criticism site, recently archived by the American Library of Congress. This is where readers come for diverse, interesting, critical, fun, and amusing content on comics and comics-adjacent transmedia, the industry and culture surrounding them, and a look into differing geeky lifestyles. Through our reviews, reports on

  • DC To Release Anthology Comics in Walmart

    DC To Release Anthology Comics in Walmart0

    Starting July 1, DC Comics will be partnering with Walmart to sell four monthly anthology comics. Each issue will be priced at $4.99, and will be 100 pages of both new and reprinted material. Each issue will have one new story, and three reprinted issues. Some of comics biggest names are set to contribute, with

  • Pardon the Dust

    Pardon the Dust0

    It’s happening! The wheels have been turning behind the scenes as we trudge along with our big move to our new host. So far so good as our developer and transition team works to bring the content over. But, as is to be expected, there will be some downtime during this process. Over the next