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    Rosie Clarke

    Rosie is a blogger, amateur cosplayer, theatre lover, and hot chocolate enthusiast. She is currently pursuing her passion for writing through an undergraduate Creative Writing/Television course in Kingston, where she can pretend the adult world doesn't exist for at least two more years.

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  • Budget Zombie Cosplay Make-up

    Budget Zombie Cosplay Make-up0

    When I think of SFX makeup, generally my first thought is a wide array of expensive products and various techniques that come together to create a stunning visual effect. Then I remember that I’m a student on a budget with no time for professional classes. However, as I have shown in previous articles, there is

  • How to Keep the Ultimate Cosplay Journal

    How to Keep the Ultimate Cosplay Journal0

    The secret to any great cosplay is most probably going to be… a heck-of-a-lot of planning. Whether that’s a plan to ensure the structural integrity of your cosplay or just to keep you on track with your budget, it’s always worth making one before you dive head first into the awesome (yet stressful) world of

  • Stealth Cosplay: How to Cosplay Everyday

    Stealth Cosplay: How to Cosplay Everyday0

    Searching for a cosplay that will look awesome, be recognisable, and won’t attract weird looks at the train station? Welcome to stealth cosplay. While cosplay is a great tool for us to live out our favourite fantasy worlds, it can often be awkward to put together, travel with, and wear a cosplay that’s uncomfortable or impractical.

  • Is Budget Cosplay Possible?

    Is Budget Cosplay Possible?1

    The short answer? Yes. The long answer? With careful planning, imagination, and diligence, still yes. Cosplay is an awesome way to express your love for a character and the world they come from, but it can be ridiculously expensive if you don’t keep a careful eye on your spending. Here are some tips I wish