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Coming in just after closing of last week’s Previously, the loss of Jiro Taniguchi was felt the world over. A master of moment and vista, Taniguchi’s clarity of understatement touched readers profoundly. He was sixty-nine and left a beautiful canon for those yet to discover his work to delve into.

Saudi Arabia had its first (or first really big) comics convention, featuring (according to the video below) not only some high-quality cosplay and the bending of some social boundaries but also some really nice, dramatic indoor lighting.

Shortbox’s successes keep mounting, as 2017 tables at ELCAF and Thought Bubble are confirmed, and — by popular demand — a second run of Food Baby goes up for pre-order. Zainab Akhtar is indeed a woman of business.

Sktchd’s research interviews with the founding fathers of Image Comics, for the publisher’s twenty-five year anniversary, are still coming. The most recent is Todd McFarlane’s. These new interviews cover old ground — CBR has had twenty-year look-backs up for guess-how-long — but in new words, or at least… what I mean is, this is what these guys are saying about then now. And I at least am very interested in that. Are you?

Marvel did something to make someone’s day, and for once it was a black woman’s — Jean Grae was pleased as punch with the Jean Grae Jean Grey #1 Hip-Hop variant cover. Am I such a frosted horror that this doesn’t warm my heart? No. There’re good things in this world, as well as bad.

But back to bad things — there are scary times for many people in the US at the moment (Previously, On “America”) and this comic aims to prepare those fearing ICE visits. As always, this advice does not guarantee the reader’s safety even if they follow it to the letter. There are bullies and aggressive authorities who will abuse those weaker than themselves. But sometimes advice helps, and sometimes it just helps to be reminded that bullies are bullies, and authorities are aggressive, and that’s a choice that they make. It’s not your fault.

With a female majority but an unexpectedly large contingent of male creators, new anthology comic Femme Magnifique launched on Kickstarter. In their own words:

“If you’re frustrated by what’s happening in the world right now, from the sudden jeopardy of women’s rights to the overall global negativity, join us in creating FEMME MAGNIFIQUE, a book that dares to turn the tables. Let’s remind everyone how far we’ve come and exactly where we’re going by saluting 30 female trailblazers of yesterday and today.
From astronauts and abolitionists to computer coders and crack journalists, these fearless women have paved the way for equal rights in science, politics and the arts. What better way to celebrate their achievements than in FEMME MAGNIFIQUE, a book that can live on in teenage bedrooms, corporate boardrooms and libraries around the world?”

Kelly Kanayama, who has written with us before but not recently, is up for a Scottish Podcast Scholarship. And surely she deserves it! A noted expert on the Punisher, Garth Ennis, race in 2000AD and most recently seen in public in a knitted Dredd cardigan moderating John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra at February 10th’s Forty Years of Thrillpower, Kelly (or her competitors, if you are so inclined) needs your input.

Two for one: both Thought Bubble and the Lakes Comic Art Fest have released their guest lists for 2017! Book your rooms, trains and planes now (top tip) because… everybody else probably already has. Whether Leeds or Kendal are more your idea of a nice place to stay — Kendal famously, of course, very white — there’s plenty to travel for in Autumn this year.

Karrie Fransman shared her anti-nationalism comic with a plea to share — share away.

Rachel Khan shared a helpful tip for scriptures and scenarists:

Madeleine Witt opened submissions for an anthology of poetry comics about climate change. Imagine your comic, in ten years, floating on the sea we all drowned in. You have seven days left to pitch, and why not? What’s the worst that could happen.

Of course, #28daysofblackcosplay continues, with this p-e-r-f-e-c-t Blade & Baby team-up. Matching your car to your t-shirt, now THAT is what you call prep time, Batman.

Political cartooning stays far below the belt, of course, especially where Trumpo and his cadre is concerned. Kevin M Kruse put some critical analysis to the despicable DeVos-after-Rockwell cartoon you have probably seen on Facebook six to fifty-six times already, in a thread that should be laminated for posterity:

On the upside, New Kus! Jus put out gorgeous and very small comics, which are a joy to hold even before they are a joy to behold. A Kus release is always news. Get on that wagon!

If you enter by the end of today, you might get the opportunity to attend a Logan red carpet screening on the strength of your cosplay. Are you in or near NYC? Do you not mind so much that Hugh Jackman is definitely, absolutely too tall to really play Logan properly? Are you confident dressing up in public? Get in there, baby! I’m rooting for you~

And last, but not least… our zine. Bleating Heart Press, the publishing wing of WWAC, has released our first literary zine, a delightful square-bound thing (description not applicable to digital release… obviously). You can catch it on gumroad, if you didn’t back our 2015 indiegogo campaign. We hold no grudge! We love you!

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