Geek Mystique: Lifestyle News for November

November has been quite the month, hasn’t it? While I hope this column provides a brief reprieve from the current state of our political world, I do want to start with some resources for fighting the good fight.

For Nasty Women Everywhere

Before you go buying some of the delights I have listed here, Jezebel released a list of pro-woman, pro-immigrant, pro-earth, and anti-bigotry organizations that you can donate to and/or volunteer for in the wake of the election results. Help is always needed, in whatever form you can manage.

The time to purchase the scent may have already passed, but if you aren’t aware of the great pro-woman, pro-comics work that Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (known as BPAL to the addicts like me) does then you are seriously missing out. After Trump made the nasty woman comment, BPAL released a scent called Nasty Woman, and all proceeds were split between Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List. The scent is earthy and dirty with patchouli and bourbon vanilla and not usually in  my realm of scent favorites, but it feels good wearing it as I unite with other Nasty Women.

This is something many of us could benefit from post-election–to relieve the stress. Other forms of stress relief are this Post-Structuralist Vulva Coloring Book from Micrcosom that I reviewed this week. Or just go take some time out in nature with this poem from Wendell Barry for inspiration and comfort. You could also make yourself this “sacred queer heart” shrine or a similar type of shrine/altar to inspire you to keep striving for equality and to remind you of the many giants’ whose shoulders we all stand on. You gotta fight for yours and everyone else’s rights, but you gotta take care you, too, ‘kay?

Are You Ready for Rogue One?

Because Nissan sure is! They released a special edition Star Wars car. It basically looks like a Nissan Rogue with some Star Wars branding. Honestly, I’d rather save the money and spend it on these very stylish Rogue One jackets from German brand Musterbrand.

October May Be Over, But…

Is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!

And, of course, there’s always cosplay, fortunately. Like this guy, who to steal from Fashionably Geek, is “born to cosplay Maui from Disney’s Moana.” There’s also this three-year-old getting to play Wonder Woman, because she has parents with some serious photography and art skills. But, I think my favorite costume and cosplay fun may be this paralympian Josh Sundquist’s various cosplays, particularly his cosplay as Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.

Finally, while not technically cosplay, there’s a Lisa Frank hair trend, and it’s pretty rad, but I can’t help but think, “Man, that must be super expensive to maintain.”

Fashion and Such

It wouldn’t be a Geek Mystique without a bag would it? And this Captain Marvel Crossover Purse from ThinkGeek is perfection. It will pair perfectly with this Wonder Woman dress from Elhoffer. Though, I think the Spider-Gwen dress may be my favorite. I love the sleeves and hoodie.

Punk Hooded Dress by Elhoffer Design from Elhoffer Design
Punk Hooded Dress by Elhoffer Design

Also, these Dragon Ball inspired designs from Japanese brand Galaxxxy are stellar! I’m a sucker for a shift style dress and the prints are so much fun. They can add some light to anyone’s life right now.

Dragon Ball dress by Galaxxy via Galaxxy

In other Dragon Ball news, custom jewelry designer Takaya created an engagement ring representing a Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon crossover! Speaking of jewelry, Fashionably Geek has a roundup of constellation jewelry that is really fun concept for those with multiple ear piercings.

Finally, we at WWAC are really into these taco-shaped pillows right now. Share your own links in the comments section!

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