Comic Looks: The Business of Office Cosplay

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I love cosplay. I admire the work many people put into elaborate and creative costumes and would love to do this myself but for two important factors:

  1. I lack such creativity and skill.
  2. I am lazy.

But I still like to play dress up and fly my geek colours. We have had several stealth cosplay features right here at WWAC, including lots of how-tos for casual everyday costuming and make-up tips that encourage cosplay on a day-to-day basis. Stealth cosplay can be as subtle or elaborate as you like, but the trick is that only you know that you’re dressed up. Outfits can be inspired by your favourite characters or you can be slightly more obvious.

I prefer the latter, and I don’t let working in a professional business office where suits and ties are the norm stop me from getting my geek on. Technically, as an executive assistant, I could just cosplay as an executive assistant, sans katana, but I like variety. Like I said, I’m not into t-shirts, which generally aren’t considered appropriate business attire at my place of work, but now, I have so many other options. Thanks to stores like ThinkGeek, Hot Topic, and Her Universe, I can play office dress up every day, even and especially at board meetings. I even convinced several co-workers to purchase their very own Handbag of Holding. They have no clue what it means, but they love all those extra pockets.

First and foremost for me is scarves. Last year, one of my resolutions–actually, the only one I managed to keep–was all about adding more scarves to my closet. I succeeded and my co-workers frequently witness the results of this resolution. They know I’m a big geek, but that doesn’t mean they recognize when I’m geeking out, even when it might be obvious to a member of the tribe. Although my Jack Skellington scarf is one of my favourites, since even geeky folks miss the happy skullface hidden amongst the roses.

Wonder Woman tends to be more easily recognizable, whether I’m dressed up, or dressed down. Either way, someone will catch on when they see me sipping tea from my Wonder Woman mug or writing notes on my Wonder Woman notepad.

I regularly celebrate N7 Day and any Mass Effect related moment with my new dress and scarf or my N7 cardigan, but the epitome of stealth office cosplay belongs to the Black Widow, of course.

From lightsaber earrings to the Harley Quinn fingerless knitted gloves that keep me warm in winter, I can sneak cosplay into my business attire every day of the week if I want to. I used to dread shopping for work clothes. Now it couldn’t be more fun.

Office cosplay
I should go.


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