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  • Comics in the Spanish Literature Classroom

    Comics in the Spanish Literature Classroom0

    Teaching literature at a regional university in South Carolina can be a daunting task. As professors, we know that the success of a course is based, in part, on getting students to do the reading. When teaching Spanish literature, the language itself can be another factor that can put students off the reading. Now they

  • Look Harder: Choosing Comics for the Classroom

    Look Harder: Choosing Comics for the Classroom2

    Editor’s Note: Comics Academe is back! This month’s Comics Academe is a feature article by guest writer Gina Brandolino, kicking off a summer series on teaching with comics. Check out some of our past articles about teaching with comics! Teaching Bitch Planet Roundtable Teaching Ms. Marvel – Part One Teaching Ms. Marvel – Part Two

  • Guest Post: Why A Black Lois Lane Matters2

    • May 31, 2013

    “She is a fighter to the point of getting in over her head, but she does it to fight for truth and justice the same as Superman does… only she does it without powers.” Natasha Townsel This essay was previously published on DC Women Kicking Ass. I am a huge Superman fan.  No, let’s get

  • Guest Post: Lois Lane’s Cry For Help0

    • May 30, 2013

    “Silver Age Lois didn’t seem to have any feminist gumption, but her readers may have found a subversive message among her tears.” Tim Hanley and Lori Wozney At first glance, the Silver Age Lois Lane had a lot going for her. She was an ace reporter for the Daily Planet, appeared regularly in various Super-books,