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Is He Warm Enough?

Often time, female characters get to wear tiny clothing to show off their figure, while the men have to keep their muscular bulk covered up. Comics are rife with displays of reverse sexism like this, but every now and then, we get moments, or even entire characters, who get to break the mould. But skimpy…

Meanwhile on Planet Boob

Sometimes a comic artist really goes above and beyond when it comes to depicting the perfection that are boobs. Perfect orbs of perfect perfection they are, boobs. And it’s really cool when artists get them just right. Not every artist has the skill to give boobs the attention to detail they deserve, but in this…

Comics and Kink: Marco Mancassola’s Erotic Lives of Superheroes

2008 was an interesting year for superheroes in pop culture. At the time, Marvel Studies was busy launching its cinematic universe with Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Christopher Nolan was classing up DC’s previously campy Batman mythos with The Dark Knight. Hellboy continued to dazzle audiences in its critically acclaimed sequel, while Punisher fans suffered a decisive blow from its adaptation….