REVIEW: Bashiva Is Super Cool, Actually

So like, when I saw the way these chicks were talking about this INDIE COMIC in their little roundtable or whatever, I got mad. Because like, what right do they have to hate on this guy because his orc lady has big boobs? SHE CAN’T HELP HOW BIG HER BOOBS ARE! Like way to shame her, you know? I thought these people liked feminism or whatever. It was really unfair, so I decided that I’m gonna review it so you can have an OBJECTIVE take and not just a bunch of haters.

Bashiva #1

Derek Chua (Art, Writing, Everything!!!)
Irrational Comics
May 27, 2020

A large-breasted half-orc woman with very large breasts. And pink hair.


Anyway I thought this comic was really good. All the ladies were super hot and all the men were like super buff so obviously women would be super into them. It’s like equality, you know? Bashiva is the name of the main character, she’s an orc lady, and she shows up in this tavern because she wants a drink. So she’s drinking and stuff and then these other people are being super racist about her being an orc. I don’t normally like it when comics get super political but like, this really showed how stuff can be deep. Then this guy comes up and gets in her face like “YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF THIS BAR” and he’s being a huge dick about it. He like smashes her face into the bar! It was super gritty, like a really mature comic, you know? Like you could really see a lot about life in the way he was acting.

Bashiva is trying to have a drink. Art and writing by Derek Chua.
She’s super polite, which is kind of lame, but I guess it’s good for a role model type character.

But then like because she’s an orc, she gets super strong when she’s mad, right? So she totally kicks this guy’s ass! I’m sure it’s like…really empowering for women, you know? Like obviously women aren’t as strong as men but what if. Then you could just be chilling in a bar or whatever, and if a guy harasses you, you could totally kick his ass. Then like we wouldn’t even NEED feminism, because everything would be equal.

After that, the people who were hating on her earlier, with the racism and stuff? They totally got over it, because they saw how cool and strong she was. It was really cool, and it proves how easy this stuff is, you know? You just have to like…decide to get along, and then everything would be okay. Anyway, I think this was a really cool comic that was very deep. I also really liked that it was all black and white inside the comic. Like you don’t think that would look good but it made it really cool, like a gritty book like Sin City or something. Good job Derek Chua, this book is like an A+++++.

Art: ★★★★★
Plot: ★★★★★
Words: ★★★★★

Overall: ★★★★★

(Why don’t any of the other reviews on this site have scores?! That’s so dumb, how am I supposed to tell if a comic is any good.)

—by Trent MacGuffin