Author: Nola Pfau

Previously On Comics: Unending

Good morning. I guess it’s almost July now? Okay, sure. What started with Cameron Stewart and Warren Ellis has tumbled from a snowball into a full avalanche, with allegation after allegation of grooming, abuse, assault, and more. For a good roundup of that particular issue (and for a given value of “good”), I recommend this…

Previously On Comics: ¿Quien Cuida?

Marvel really had A Week, didn’t they? First there was the New Warriors announcement, in which the new creative team brought with it a whole new roster, featuring some truly unfortunate character designs, such as siblings Safespace and Snowflake, the latter of whom is a nonbinary person of color on top of that name, as well as what…

Megatron frowns

Patreon Exclusive: Transforming the Narrative: An Analysis of The Transformers: The IDW Collection – Phase One, Volume One

Each month, we will be publishing exclusive essays by our contributors on various topics. In our first Patron-exclusive essay, Doris V. Sutherland explored the 2018-2019 run on Wonder Woman by G. Willow Wilson. This month, Nola Pfau takes on The Transformers: For those not in the know, 2018 wrapped up a thirteen-year span of Transformers…