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    Nola Pfau

    Nola is a bad influence. She can be found on twitter at @nolapfau, where she's usually making bad (really, absolutely terrible) jokes and occasionally sharing adorable pictures of her dog.

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  • Previously On Comics: Wars and Abandonment

    Previously On Comics: Wars and Abandonment0

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    • September 9, 2019

    Good morning, and happy Monday! This weekend I’ll be heading down to Portland for Rose City Comic Con. I’m really looking forward to a chance to celebrate comics, because folks, this past week has been pretty terrible! Heres are the highlights:

  • Powers of X #3: The Case For A New Phoenix

    Powers of X #3: The Case For A New Phoenix0

    Powers of X #3 VC’s Clayton Cowles (letterer), Marte Gracia (colors), Jonathan Hickman (writer), Tom Muller (design), R.B. Silva (artist) Marvel Comics August 14, 2019 A really great mystery story unlocks in stages. It’s hard to do, but if done well, as in Powers of X #3, you’re left with just enough to work with

  • Previously on Comics: FINALLY

    Previously on Comics: FINALLY0

    Folks, it happened. I didn’t once have to write about harassment for a Previously column! What an incredible milestone (please no one ruin this for me)! Let’s dive right in: Creator, Editor, and Force of Nature Steenz is going to be teaching cartooning at Webster University! Is it too late to enroll? Look, I just

  • SDCC 2019: The Batman Experience

    SDCC 2019: The Batman Experience0

    The trouble with museums is they’re not very exciting. Now that I can hear all of my friends in history and academia removing their earrings and cracking their knuckles, what I mean is that museums are meant, in their general design, to be more of a quiet, contemplative experience. While that’s a perfectly enjoyable thing