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    Nola Pfau

    Nola is a bad influence. She can be found on twitter at @nolapfau, where she's usually making bad (really, absolutely terrible) jokes and occasionally sharing adorable pictures of her dog.

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  • Previously On Comics: You’re As Cold As Ice

    Previously On Comics: You’re As Cold As Ice0

    Here at WWAC, it seems like we started our awards polls a little early–specifically, the Worst Editorial Decision category, as Marvel decided it was going to throw a last minute wringer in the works, by forcing Teen Iceman of the time-displaced original five X-Men back into the closet before sending him home. Occurring in the

  • Aquaman #43 Swims In Shallow Waters

    Aquaman #43 Swims In Shallow Waters0

    Aquaman #43 Kelly Sue DeConnick, Robson Rocha, Sunny Cho DC Comics December 19, 2018 Decompressed comics are frustrating. It’s not that they’re bad in and of themselves, it’s that they feel incomplete.

  • Cover Girl: The Magicians: Alice’s Story

    Cover Girl: The Magicians: Alice’s Story0

    Welcome to Cover Girl. Each month, we gather a team of WWAC contributors to analyze a new and notable comic book cover featuring one or more women. This month, Nola, Annie, and Louis discuss Steve Morris’ cover for The Magicians: Alice’s Story from BOOM! Studios.

  • To All The Cons We’ve Loved This Year

    To All The Cons We’ve Loved This Year0

    We all have different criteria for what makes a convention. Some people love the huge rush of large venues like SDCC. Some like quieter, smaller things. With 2018’s convention season having finally wound down, we figured it’d be a good idea to talk about which con each of us liked best, and why.