A Fistful of Comics: Crowdfunding Roundup, April ‘21

A crop of a page from Fatty. In the top left, a person with short hair looks uncomfortable; in the bottom right, a phone screen reads "How to pass as... ...male, ...cisgender." The page is rendered with mint green spot color.The column title lettering is laid over the artwork, and reads “A FISTFUL OF COMICS” in big yellow text. Below, in red, reads “CROWDFUNDING ROUNDUP, APRIL ’21.”

Happy April! After a full 13 months of half-lockdown, the United States is finally on its way to getting folks vaccinated and, perhaps, in a position where we can see our friends in person without being afraid of causing a biological incident. I’m planning on using the few remaining months I have of not having to buy a MetroCard to stock up on indie comics… so let’s get into this month’s Kickstarters!

The wraparound cover illustration of all the storytellers from Our Stories Carried Us Here. 11 people (and one dog) of varied skin colors and ages stand in a loose row. Two people hold a baby together. Our Stories Carried Us Here, Green Card Voices, 2021. Cover artwork by Nate Powell.

Our Stories Have Carried Us Here

Green Card Voices
Ends April 18

Our Stories Have Carried Us Here is an anthology of first-person stories by immigrants and refugees living in the US. The organizers, Green Card Voices, have paired storytellers with illustrators from similar linguistic, cultural, and regional backgrounds—ensuring that the storytellers’ words are interpreted and represented by someone who shares their heritage. It’s clear that the organizers have kept the importance of place and transition at the forefront of their minds while building this collection, and I’m excited to see how that comes through in the finished stories.

A page from Servant of the Black Dog. A person with light skin and shoulder length, wavy brown hair describes a dream they had of a black dog. They sit at a table at the bottom center of the page, facing the reader, and their dialogue is stacked above them. Servant of the Black Dog, Meredith McClaren, 2021.

Servant of the Black Dog

Meredith McClaren
Ends April 24

I love when Meredith McClaren launches Kickstarters, because they tend to be tight and specific and delightful… and Servant of the Black Dog is no exception. This short horror story is already finished (with the exception of a proofread and printing), and will clock in at about 71 pages of full-color, tensely paced comic. McClaren’s artwork is always a treat for me—there’s a stained glass quality to her rendering that makes my brain happy, and her pleasingly-muted color palettes are incredible—so I can’t wait to immerse myself in it for 70 creepy pages.

An interior and exterior mockup of The Greatest Hits. The cover a character with brown skin and wavy hair playing a trumpet next to a character with light skin and red hair playing an electric guitar while sitting on the floor. The interior pages are in black and white, rendered in rich gray tones. The Greatest Hits: A Comic Mixtape, Level Ground Comics.

The Greatest Hits: A Comic Mixtape

Level Ground Comics
Ends April 30

I know we’ve all seen comic mixtapes before (or at least, I certainly have, after several years of roundups), but The Greatest Hits is doing something new to me: using the anthology as a vehicle to get new editors some experience, as well as new creators. The anthology’s 16 stories are split across 10 editors, each relatively new to the practice. Level Ground Comics has used the same formula before in A Taste of Home, and they’re reapplying it to The Greatest Hits, right down to the four-page comics and black-and-white interiors! I missed A Taste of Home, so I’m super curious to see how an anthology from double-digit editors can feel.

And more!

Dumbing of Age, Volume 10. Ends April 27. Some of us at WWAC have been following Dumbing of Age for years!
Fatty; A self-love comic. Ends April 30.
Urban Tails. Ends May 3.
Young Offenders #1–3. Ends May 5. Writer Mark O. Stack is a frequent name around these parts!


Zora Gilbert

Zora Gilbert

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